Social distancing, sanitizing, wearing face masks and avoiding public spaces or gatherings can all make it seem just about impossible to enjoy activities outside of the home. However, the reality is that we can’t all stay locked up in our homes forever. Humans are social animals and need interaction with the world outside our own doors. Therefore, we have provided a list of safe, low-risk activities you can participate in so you don’t feel like you’re literally in your house, shut off from the world.

1. Back to Nature

If you’re really feeling claustrophobic and sick of being trapped inside your house, just think about where you actually live. You probably have a yard or even just a porch! This is a much better place to be in the summer than inside, right? Make full use of your surroundings and take a walk through your backyard. Take a few minutes to appreciate the sounds of birds chirping and even engage in a little flower picking.

2. Board Games

When we used to get board games as gifts when we were kids, we would fight over who got to have them first. As a result, we would end up playing with them rather frequently. Finding old board games in our grandparents’ attic reminded us of how much we used to love them as kids. Consider taking out your old favourite board game and spending some time playing with family and friends. If your board games aren’t handy, there is a great resource online for printable board games that you can print out and use right away.

3. Piano Lessons

Another activity that requires some effort but majorly benefits your health, mind and happiness is learning how to play the piano. If you’re looking for a little encouragement, this informative article will provide you with plenty of reasons to learn. Remember, practice makes perfect! So let’s take Piano lessons in Montreal!

4. Long Drive

If you don’t have a board game or you’re looking for something a little different to do, consider taking a long drive. If you don’t live in an area where you can go out on a long drive, you can choose a longer route into town and just enjoy the ride. This is a great way to get some healthy cardio, fresh air and silence in your head.

5. Arts and Crafts

Get some coloured pencils, paint and paper and start art-ing. Getting involved in an art project with your kids or friends can be one of the most relaxing things you can do. Most arts and crafts projects involve teamwork, so you can have fun looking at what others create!

6. Go Racquetballing

If you have enough energy to get up and go for a long walk or jog, consider going to a racquetball court! If you have enough space at your home, you can turn your garage into a racquetball court if space is a concern. If you live in an apartment complex or condo, try going to the community rec center near you. This is a great activity that requires little skill but a lot of energy.


Learning how to cope with Covid is impossible. We didn’t create this virus, which means it’s out of our hands to fix it. Therefore, don’t stress about your ability to deal with the condition. Getting stressed or losing your faith in humanity will not prevent a harmful pandemic from striking the world. Instead, do what you can to stay healthy.