According to a recent survey, more than one in five adults do not want to have children.

If you are sitting here thinking, “I don’t want kids right now!” you are not alone. Many people are shamed for not wanting kids, but it is entirely up to you, as it is your right to do whatever you want.

In fact, you have many more options when it comes to preventing pregnancy than you may think.

Read on to learn more.

Birth Control Barrier Options

If you don’t want kids in the near future, there are multiple birth control barrier options that you can use. You can find most of these at your local grocery store, which makes them an easy choice you can always go to.

The condoms are the most well-known type of contraception and can help to prevent pregnancy and protect against most sexually transmitted diseases.

The female condom is placed inside the vagina, while the male condom is placed on the erect penis. Both are effective forms of birth control.

A diaphragm is similar to a female condom, but it is shallower and is placed deeper inside the vagina to protect the cervix. While diaphragms prevent pregnancy, they do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

To decrease your chances of pregnancy even more, you can use spermicide, which is a chemical that inactivates sperm. You can spray it on your diaphragm and female condoms or directly insert it onto your cervix.

Birth Control Hormonal Options

When you think of birth control options, you probably automatically think of a little white pill. In reality, hormonal birth control comes in a variety of forms, allowing you to choose the kind you are most comfortable with.

All types of hormonal birth control aim to prevent pregnancy by stopping ovulation.

Hormonal birth control does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases, so it’s vital to use a barrier method as well.

There are birth control pills, patches, implants, injections, and vaginal rings. Because they all work differently and have varying hormones, it will often take trying a few different types before you find the one that works best for you.

Sterilization Methods

Even if you might want kids in the future, you may choose a sterilization method if you want a guarantee of preventing pregnancy. Sometimes these procedures can be reversed, allowing you to have kids when you choose to.

For males, a vasectomy procedure occurs in which the doctor cuts the tubes that carry the sperm. This is a simple procedure and is highly effective.

For women, sterilization occurs through tubal litigation, in which the doctor seals the fallopian tubes. This is most often done when a woman decides to stop having kids, but reversal may be an option.

Click here for more info about tubal reversal surgery.

It’s Okay to Say, “I Don’t Want Kids”

Many people are afraid to say, “I don’t want kids,” even if it’s just for right now. Regardless if you end up wanting them in the future, you can live your life however you want, which includes preventing pregnancy.

You have many options available, so keep this guide handy to help you along the way.

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