Everything in the physical plane is made up of energy.

Science reflects these sentiments by explaining the movement of atoms and the energy put off by light and heat.

You don’t have to rely on science to know that, however. You can feel the energy surrounding you when you’re happy as if it’s a beam of light or when you’re sad as a heavy and dark weight.

This energy around our body is called our aura. Depending on our life circumstances, we may need regular aura cleansing to maintain the health of our mind, body, and spirit.

Keep reading to find out more about auras and how you can remove the negative energy from yours.

How to Tell When You Need an Aura Cleansing

Your aura is a magnet-like bubble surrounding you that represents your emotional energy field.

If you’re feeling or thinking negative thoughts, that energy transmits into your aura. It can also be affected by coming in contact with people or events that are negative.

When your aura is full of this negativity, you will find that similar energies are attracted to it. This can make you feel stressed, fatigued, and irritated.

Even more, you can begin to have a physical reaction (i.e. illness) from all of this negativity in your aura. This is because of the psychosomatic connection between our minds and our physical being.

So, it’s essential to cleanse your aura to keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy and free from illness. You can identify if it’s time to do this by getting a free psychic reading, meditating, or journaling in a stream of consciousness.

These methods will reveal if you’re holding onto any harmful energy and where it’s coming from.

Aura Cleansing You Can Try

With each of these techniques, it’s important to note that clear intentions and mindfulness are essential. Each time you cleanse your energy, you want to focus on positive affirmations, letting go of negative thoughts, and self-healing.

It’s best to do these when you’re alone, in a safe place, and as if it were a sacred ritual.


A simple meditation to try is to sit, take even breaths, and smile. Imagine a dot of light inside of your heart. Let it grow in your mind, picturing the dot as a white, warm light that continues to spread in waves throughout your body.

As it grows, imagine it filling every part of your being and eventually overflowing into the space around you.


Humans have used smoke cleansing for thousands of years. To do this, gather your favorite burning herbs such as frankincense, myrrh, lavender, sweetgrass, or cinnamon.

Light the herb, let it burn for a few moments, and blow the flame out so that the ember is red and releasing smoke.

Hold the herb with one hand and wave the smoke around your body with the other. Start at your feet and work your way up, imagining that the smoke is carrying the negativity in your aura up and away.


We use water to cleanse our bodies from impurity and the same goes for our energy fields.

You can cleanse your aura by imagining that the water itself is the purest form of positive energy. As it covers you, feel its radiance and allow the negative energy to slide off of you.

You can do this in a shower, in the rain, or underneath a waterfall. If you’d like to do this in the bath, you can add essential oils, herbs, and sea salts to the tub. While soaking, imagine the pure energy of the water reaching every part of you while the negativity dissolves.

Cleanse Yourself for the Greater Good

With these aura cleansing tips, you can remove the negativity in your energy field and replace it with healing, positive energy. This will benefit you and those around you, as energy is constantly exchanged in the environment.

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