Whether you are a bingo fan or not, more than likely you are familiar with the traditional way to get a bingo and win. Even teachers play bingo in classrooms because they have realized how helpful it can be when teaching kids about letters and numbers. But there are several winning bingo patterns that you should know about if you are a bingo fan.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common winning bingo patterns.

Clock Bingo

The clock bingo pattern is a popular pattern whether you choose to play online on any of the Best Bingo Sites or in person. With this pattern, you cover the entire outside of the card except for the four corners. In the middle of the card, you only mark the free space and any of the numbers diagonal to the free space (this symbolizes the clock hand).

Windmill Bingo

This is another pattern that is popular online and in person. You will fill 17 numbers on your card or board with four big squares on each corner (16 numbers) along with the middle space.

Once it is filled it looks like a windmill, hence the name.

Arrow Bingo

This pattern is made up of 9 numbers and can be played on any corner of your card. You have to fill the six numbers on the corner and the diagonal line to connect to the corner. Once it is filled, it will resemble an arrow shape.

This game tends to go fast because only a few numbers are needed to win compared to other bingo patterns.

Wine Glass Bingo

Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine? How about a wine glass bingo pattern? This is a popular and fun pattern to fill.

You form the pattern with 11 numbers and it looks like a wine glass once it is filled. You have to fill the entire bottom row along with a Y shape above it. Both top corners are filled and then work your way down to form a Y shape.

This is a simple pattern and therefore it is typically a quick game.

Witches Hat Bingo

This pattern is made up of 13 numbers and is a huge hit around Halloween because of its name and it fits the holiday. The winning pattern is a combination of the last bingo number, the bottom 3 numbers under the I column, the entire N line filled, The bottom 3 numbers in the G line, and the last number under O.

Many Winning Bingo Patterns to Choose From Next Time You Play!

Now that you are familiar with common winning bingo patterns are you ready to go play some bingo? Why not have some fun online from the comfort of your home or play with some friends at your local bingo hall?

Make sure that you always play responsibly and do not gamble more than you can afford to lose. Bingo should be a fun game and not something you rely on to pay your bills or get you out of debt.

Did you enjoy this post and learning all about bingo? Check back often to always stay in the know!