Appealing Outdoor Signage

Appealing signage is one of the driving factors for a successful business. Every business person would want better results for their business. So how to make adequate signages that boost one’s business? Apply these seven characteristics on your signage:


The purpose of business signages is to be able to be seen by others. Clients should see it so they could easily understand what products or services your company is offering. The thumb rule is for every ten kilometers distance, the lettering’s height should be at least one foot.

Also, grab a great customer response by making sure that your signs are not placed behind or being hindered by bright lights or electrical wirings. Heightened your advertisement and set it in a particular area.


Having a perception that there is signage somewhere is not enough. Potential clients should know what that sign is talking about; otherwise, your virtual merchandising would be useless. Consider everything that would be possible surroundings of your signage.

For instance, if you are planning to place outdoor signages on a busy road. Take note of the average speed of traffic, maybe in 20, 40 or 50 miles. Make the content big enough that even fast-pacing traffic will not only have a glimpse of the sign but put in mind whatever it says.


Fonts do attract. In Marketing, selecting the right font style is an essential factor.  It could convey meaning the same as how the words in a sign do. If you have chosen the right font that suits a sign’s layout and color, then it is easier to read it and could attract more viewers.

Avoid fonts that have too much detailing since it usually fades in the background and could give a messy look. Also, do not use heavy fonts because the letters might be blended and lose its basic shape, which typically results in losing the sign’s visibility.


Branding is recognizing an identity. Signages could make this happen by using detailed illustration while bolding the fonts of the keywords. These signs could stand out from the crowd if there is a right balance of contrasts, larger sized letterings, and weight balance of the fonts.


There is a need to know about the status of your company in the market. Do some research. Know what your other competitors are doing and their standards. If possible, roam around the streets and check whether they are on something or using Shieldco 3D business signage.

Jot down how their signages appear. Remember their mishaps and never repeat those. Finally, uniquely tweak your products. Turn it something that distinguishes from others to the point that the clients could easily remember it as it is not the same as others.


Redundancy is boring. Keeping the same layout might stop grabbing people’s attention. Do not change the signage at all, since you will start branding again. Just place some modifications that could make your sign be still up to date on the mainstream.

Altering the look, including its layout, new stock images, or color scheme could give a compelling, fresh look on the signage. Although re-editing signages all over again can be tiring, but there’s no more tedious than a store with fewer customers.

On the Right Spot

We should always be on the right path, so as signages. Three aspects that should be considered when placing signs on the right place, including point of transit, point of sale, and point of waiting.

On the point of transit, signages should be brief and concise as people in these places are often in a hurry and do not have much time to give attention to other stuff. The signs should be clear, simple, and effective as much as possible.

On the point of sale, promoting the business is the focal point. There is always a stress on what is being sold. Use brilliant and catchy words to attract potential buyers and make sure that the advertisement could touch their hearts. The goal is to entice buyers and make sales.

On point of waiting, the more entertaining a signage is, the better. Focus on creative designing on graphics and creative writing on the content. Imagine that you are waiting in bad traffic and you do not have a phone, what do you want to see that would trigger something entertaining? That should be the thing that you need to reflect on your signage.


In Business Psychology, colors have something to do with sales as well. Experts say that colors could do branding, too. This goes the same when devising impressive signage. Try to be knowledgeable with the foreground and background colors as well as color contrasts that could project the sign out in the public best.