Florida Art Galleries

For sure, you would love to have a great gallery wall in your home. And, believe it or not, there is no better way to showcase and display your art than exhibiting it in a salon-style so that everyone can admire and see.

However, you must know that each art collection is different and unique, calling for its own wall layout based on the number and size of works you would want to hang, the overall look and vibe you want to disclose, and the design of the space it lives in.

For a little help, we have created a guide to crafting the perfect gallery wall for every space and style inspired by the Florida art galleries. For more inspirations and creativity to spice up your walls, read on!

The Grid

For those who like things in order, then look no more as the grid layout is perfect for the formation of your gallery wall. The grid formation, as you can observe in most Florida Art gallery, is a uniform, symmetrical, and consistent look that is sure to give any space a simple, pure, and restrained appeal.

To be more consistent, go for a series of coordinating works (not necessarily matching) in identical or same frames. Also, you can add a pop of color for an additional graphics pop. Ensure to be more careful when hanging or putting up this kind of gallery wall because uneven measurements should be avoided to keep the straight spacing and symmetry.

The Lean

For the most part, art does not always have to be affixed or put on the wall. In some instances, a long, of little depth shelf, makes for a more relaxed and natural way to showcase your art collection. You can just lean the artworks against the wall for a more laid-back vibe.

Opt for artworks in a different variety of orientations and sizes for a layered look. Furthermore, if you still have some space, consider adding or putting a small object such as a flower vase in front of the artwork for added visual appeal.

This layout is excellent if you prefer to change your artwork more frequent because it suggests a hardware-free way to redesign and update your room for the season. Or whenever the impulse or urge strikes.

The Common Theme

To make your gallery wall more personal and intimate, you can mix several artworks along with some abstract paintings, the artworks of your child, vintage photography, and thrifted prints. If you are an art collector of any kind, think about hanging all of these arts in one gallery wall.

This layout will become your ultimate accolade and salute to your category of choice. An example of this layout is the combination of nautical paintings and delicate watercolors. This combination makes an eclectic statement, in a way that inspires delight or admiration, no matter your preferred style.

The Top-down

More often than not, you will find that most gallery walls commence from the middle and scatter outward, bestowing or furnishing the arrangement with that eclectic and loose vibe that we love. The top-down layout maintains or keeps that classic gallery wall feel with one unique and distinct arrangement.

The pieces of art commence from a vertical line at the top and radiate downward. You can try this layout with a blend of black and white drawings, photography, and prints for a patently modern illustration.

The Match

If you are a fan of order but do not want the etiquette of a grid layout, then the match layout is perfect for you. You can just hang pieces of art in matching or harmonizing frames. A combination or blend of sizes in a coordinating hue and finish will make a look that feels more put together, uniform, and cohesive, yet not too organized or ordered. You will undoubtedly love this method of showcasing similar artworks, such as prints of different variety of flowers.

The Throwback

For those who want to have that vintage, rustic vibe, then the throwback layout is ideal for you. For example, you can put a medieval, picture rail. And along with this old-school design, you can hang your collection of artworks, creating a fresh makeover. Also, you can be more inventive by adding rope-wrapped wire in exchange for conventional hangers.

It does not only bring a bit of rustic charm to the room, but it also brings height to space with minimum ceiling height and more emotion to a room with a higher ceiling.


Although a gallery wall usually looks as if they’ve transformed naturally over time, the truth is that they need some planning to get the vibe and look right. With that said, you need first to assess what type of style you want your gallery to have. And lastly, calculate how much space you will use.