Did you know that there are 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States?

Are you a new truck driver?

If you are, you’ve got a ton to learn, and making mistakes is part of the learning process. While experience makes you better at managing your truck, you need to know how to avoid mistakes when starting.

Let’s look at the rookie truck driver mistakes you need to avoid to be successful while driving.

1. Lacking Pre-planning

Lacking pre-planning is one of the industry’s most common rookie truck driver mistakes. Poor preparation can result in getting lost or running out of fuel, wasting precious time and money.

To avoid this mistake, drivers should always consult a GPS before leaving, plan their route with rest stops, and review their truck’s load capacity and size to ensure it can handle the haul.

2. Failing to Take Breaks

One of the primary mistakes rookie truck drivers makes, particularly when adjusting to the schedule and structure of being a truck driver, is frequently failing to take necessary short breaks. Drivers must adhere to rest break guidelines, such as 10-hour maximum shifts, which should include two 30-minute intervals.

To avoid this mistake, rookie truck drivers should know the rest break rules, plan their trips, leave extra travel time for the mandatory rest breaks, set alarms as reminders, and be mindful of fatigue. 

3. Ignoring Safety Guidelines 

Missing truck driving safety guidelines is dangerous and can result in severe fines and repercussions. Truck drivers should always research the safety guidelines for the state or country they are operating in to avoid these rookie errors. 

They must have the proper training for truck drivers like eldt for trucking companies. This can help them learn how to have safety tips for every trip. These practices can help new and experienced truck drivers stay compliant with safety regulations and secure on the roads.

4. Cutting Corners

Cutting corners is a rookie mistake that can create several problems. To avoid these problems, rookie truck drivers should slow down, check their mirrors, and be aware of vehicles in their blind spots. Drivers should also look ahead and ensure a clear view of the corner before turning. 

5. Overspeeding

To avoid this, constantly adjust your speed on the roads. Consider weather conditions, traffic, terrain, and other factors affecting driving. If possible, drive when fewer other vehicles are on the road, giving you extra time to react and adjust speed.

6. Unsecured Loads

Unsecured loads are one of the most common rookie truck driver mistakes. This error can result in damaged cargo, unsafe driving, and costly fines.

Truckers must check their load securement before beginning a trip to avoid making this mistake. Thoroughly read the load documentation to ensure that all regulations are followed. 

Learning and Avoiding Rookie Truck Driver Mistakes

Truck drivers may experience some frustrating rookie truck driver mistakes along the way, but these issues can be avoided with education and practice. Make safety a priority while driving by staying alert and planning. Having the skills and knowledge to handle new challenges will make driving a rewarding experience. 

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