Are you unsure of the difference between assisted and independent living? As you get older it’s becoming more difficult to take care of your daily needs. You may experience difficulty remembering things, and your physical health may no longer be 100% safe for you to maintain.

This is choosing between independent vs assisted living. You’re able to move into a care facility that is either completely independent or assisted. This will include care options from workers in the facility.

It can be a difficult decision to make. But we’re going to walk you through the differences between the two. Read on to make the right choice for yourself.

Cost of Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

Independent living typically enables people to continue living in their own homes. They perform everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, and shopping.

The costs can be lower. Individuals pay only for rent or mortgage. They will also pay associated costs such as groceries and utilities.

Assisted living provides more formal home care services with help from a variety of professionals. They often provide meals, housekeeping, transportation, and other services.

Medical and Supportive Care

Medical care for those in an independent living setting focuses on primary care needs. This includes annual checkups and common illnesses. Those in assisted living may receive more specialized medical attention from a physician.

Both living arrangements provide supportive care. This offers more opportunities to remain active. They will assist patients more in assisted living.

Community Design

Community design plays a major role in independent and assisted living. This can create an environment where individuals have access to resources, entertainment, recreation, and other activities that promote health and well-being.

Involvement of the Family

Independent living allows the individual to live in their own home. This has minimal or doesn’t need professional care. They may receive meal plans and housekeeping services. They also have the freedom to choose how they live their lives.

Assisted living is more hands-on. This provides supervision and support with meals, bathing, dressing, and medication management. To make sure you’re on the right foot, contact these senior living consultants today.

Amenities and Programs

Independent living is ideal for active seniors with minimal assistance. These programs include swimming pools, fitness centers, computer labs, game rooms, senior dances, discussion groups, exercise classes, and more.

Assisted living is for seniors who require assistance with their daily living activities. This includes mobility, medication, bathing, and meals. It offers many of the same amenities and programs but with the addition of a qualified healthcare staff and 24-hour care.

Choose Between These Senior Care Options Today

The decision between independent and assisted living comes down to individual needs and goals. When weighing care options, it is important to consider budget, physical and emotional needs, and overall comfort.

With these considerations, one can make an informed decision that best meets their lifestyle. Seek advice from a physician and research available options. This can help make a difficult decision a bit easier.

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