What’s the last gift you got for the professional man in your life? Was it a tie? If so, you’re far from alone.

We all have basic, automatic gifts to which we default when we can’t think of anything better: items that might have been received well in the past and are fundamentally useful. That doesn’t mean those ties, gloves, and coffee cups don’t get old.

If you’d like to make a serious effort to stir up your gifting strategy this season, consider the six stylish luxury products below. Because, let’s be honest, Dad doesn’t need another tie. 

1. Cool Cufflinks

Cufflinks are one of the overlooked stars of men’s fashion. Not only can they make a simple dress shirt seem more high-end, but they’re an easy way to add a flash of personality to an otherwise mundane outfit.

This year, surprise the men in your life with cool and creative cufflinks. From video games and comic books to classic cars and currency, if you can dream it, someone has turned it into a cufflink design.

2. The Must-Have Messenger Bag

Briefcases are so 1950s. For today’s man on the go, who often hauls a computer along with a variety of other work materials, the best bag around is a leather messenger bag from Portland Leather Goods.

These have all the polish of a briefcase but none of the stiff sobriety. Plus, messenger bags convert seamlessly from work to play as a carry-on for weekend trips.

3. A New Take on Timekeeping

Everyone can use a fine watch for professional functions, even if we rarely use it to check the time anymore. It’s a great time to skip the smartwatch and get your favorite fashionable gentleman a quality watch, such as those by Skagen or MVMT Watches.

These are the perfect statement pieces for men who want to broadcast their reliable and consistent nature, as well as their sense of style.

4. The Hippest Headphones

Beats are for teenagers, and Apple’s Air Pods are just asking to get lost. That’s why, this holiday season, you should give the gift of great acoustics in the form of wireless headphones from Bang & Olufsen.

Not only do they sport that all-important Bluetooth connection, but they’re made of luxurious lambskin leather. Tuning out the world never felt so good.

5. Some Denim Duds

Denim never goes out of style, even if the details change, so why not celebrate your guy and this classic material with a denim jacket from rag & bone? The basic trucker silhouette and muted blue will pair perfectly with everything from a basic white tee to an Oxford, so you can’t go wrong.

6. The Greatest Grooming Gear 

Sharp fashion only goes so far without appropriate grooming tools. Too many men are stuck on that basic Old Spice train. There’s nothing wrong with that for your average Tuesday, but why not encourage the men in your life to step up their game with some antioxidant repair gel or a snazzy tortoiseshell comb?

There’s a much wider market for men’s cosmetics and grooming products than there used to be, so work that angle to introduce your dad or boyfriend to something new.

Whether you’re shopping for father, a significant other, or a sibling, if you make fashion a priority, you can’t go wrong. Ditch the ties and socks and try something new. There’s a huge variety of professional styles out there just waiting to rock his world.