Generally speaking it is fair to say that women are probably slightly easier to buy for than men, simply because of the amount of things that they use day-to-day. Women use make-up everyday, along with a wide range of clothes, cosmetics and knick-knacks, far more products in general than men use. Having said that us men are pretty simple creatures and whilst there may be less things to buy for us, we still are pretty easy to please. The best thing to remember is that most men still have that little boy inside them, tap into that and you’ll get the gift just right. If you are struggling, here are some ideas for you to consider. 

Gold Chain

More and more men are wearing jewelry than ever before and a great piece which you could pick up for the man in your life is a solid gold chain. You can decide to buy just the gold chain itself or you could also look for a sovereign or a St. Christopher pendant which will hang at the base of the chain. Remember that most men wear jewelry for sentimental reasons rather than fashion, especially when it comes to a chain, with this in mind keep it sleek, stylish and simple, like the chains which you can find at

Track Day Experience 

Many men have dreams of one day owning a beautiful sports and taking it out on the track to put it through its paces. You may not be able to get the sports car of their dreams but you can get the next best thing with a track day experience. These are on offer all over the place and no matter where you live you’re likely to find these great deals. You can send the man in your life off to experience what it is like to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini amongst others, putting a huge grin on their face. 

Games Console

As we mentioned at the top, most boys are just big kids and if you are looking to really tap into that then you could pick up a games console for them. You don’t need to drop huge amounts of money on a PS4 or an Xbox, you can instead look to pick up an all-in-one console which will have a huge collection of retro games and cult classics. 

Event Tickets

If you are really stuck then why not think about taking the man in your life to a sporting or music event? Most men enjoy doing stuff rather than owning stuff which is why a ticket for an event will be a great idea for them and it will give them a memorable night which they will be forever thankful for. If you do buy a ticket for something then try to organize the whole experience rather than just the event itself. 

We are not that hard to buy for, you just need to keep it fun and simple.