If you’re one of the 49% of Americans who have experimented with marijuana before, you may know what you like.

However, if you’ve never purchased for yourself before, it can be tricky to know what cannabis products are right for you. Researching before making a purchase is crucial to getting the most enjoyment out of your weed.

If you’re unsure what to research before visiting your local dispensary or buying online, you’ll want to keep reading. You’ll learn the most essential factors to consider when purchasing the best cannabis products.

1. Research Strains

Before making any purchases, you’ll need to look into the different strains available and read about the effects they have once consumed. This is crucial, as it helps you know what to prepare for.

The most common strains of marijuana are Indica and Sativa, which have different effects. For example, Indica is mainly used for those looking to relax, sleep better, and want a body high. Sativa, on the other hand, is used for alertness, a head high, and to experience the feeling of euphoria.

However, you can also find hybrids of the cannabis strains, which combine the effects of the two.

From these two main types of strains, you can find substrains. For example, the sticky buns strain is a standard hybrid of Indica and Sativa.

However, you’ll also want to look into the amount of TCH and CBD present in the product. These are the two most common cannabinoids found in the products, and both have different effects. THC tends to be the “high” most people feel, while CBD offers more relaxation.

2. Think About Terpenes

Next, you’ll need to consider the terpenes found within each product. These affect the taste and smell of the product, which directly impacts your enjoyment of the product.

Terpenes are common in everyday products, from perfumes to handsoaps.

In general, every cannabis product is going to have a “weed” taste to it. However, the terpenes inside the product can help add flavors to make it more enjoyable to consume.

For example, sticky buns have a lighter and earthy taste to them, without the heavy aftertaste of other strains. Other strains may taste like fruit, mint, or even chocolate.

Ensuring you understand the notes that are present in the cannabis strain you’re looking to buy is crucial. After all, you don’t want to purchase a product that tastes like cinnamon if the scent makes you nauseous!

It’s also important to note that terpenes affect how you feel during and after consumption. Each type has a different mental and physical effect, so looking into them before purchasing is essential to ensure you achieve the desired effect.

3. Decide on Consumption

Next, you’ll need to determine how you consume the marijuana you want to purchase. Weed comes in many different forms and options, ensuring you can find the best choice for your needs.

Most commonly, marijuana is available in plant form, sold in bundles known as flower. This is used in the most traditional sense of smoking, as it’s ground up and used in joints, bongs, and bowls.

This is an ideal option for those looking to feel the immediate effects of marijuana. However, the smell can linger, so if you don’t want the scent of weed in your home, this may not be the best option for you.

Also typical are vaporizers, which use a battery to heat a concentration of THC or CBD oils. You’ll then inhale these to get high. These are great for those who are worried about a lingering smell, as they aren’t potent.

Finally, another one of the most popular ways to consume weed is edibles. The TCH or CBD are infused into the food, making them easy to consume. You can find edibles in gummies, desserts, butter, or drinks.

However, when taking edibles, it’s essential to note that you won’t feel the effects immediately. Because you’re not directly inhaling like with flower or vaporizers, it will take time for the edible to break down in your body.

4. Do You Need Extra Items?

Next, you’ll need to consider whether or not you’ll need to invest in additional products to consume your products.

For example, to smoke flower, you’ll need to roll a joint or pack a bowl or bong, both of which require a grinder. The grinder helps break up the bud into smaller, more delicate sections, which are then put on the rolling paper or in the bowl.

If you purchase a vaporizer, you’ll need to consider how often you’ll go through the cart of oils. Similarly, you may need to invest in a replacement battery, as they wear down with time and frequent use.

5. How Will You Obtain It?

Finally, you’ll need to consider how you’ll obtain your cannabis product. In many states where weed is legalized, you can visit dispensaries. Think of these like liquor stores for marijuana products.

Much like a liquor store, dispensaries are designated locations to sell marijuana. You’ll need to bring identification with you, so the workers can ensure you’re of legal age.

You can also purchase weed online. This allows you to take the time you need to look into each product, read descriptions, and browse reviews. Similarly, you can get it delivered to your home, which is extra convenient.

Pick the Best Cannabis Products

Buying cannabis products isn’t as simple as purchasing the first one you see. You’ll need to research the desired effects to ensure the product you choose is right for you.

If you’re ready to make the most informed purchase with the help of this guide, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. There, you can find more lifestyle tips and tricks.