By this point, business owners everywhere are catching on. You’ve probably already invested a good deal into increasing the traffic and overall productivity of your dealership website. In fact, it’s likely that you’re reading this thinking that you’ve already checked everything we’ll say off your list and just want to double check to be sure you’re not missing out on one or two upgrades. But there’s only one way to find out!

  1. Live Chat Software

One of the greatest advantages that you can bring to your website is chat software for automotive digital retail that’s designed to work alongside other online sales and marketing solutions for dealerships.

Live chat is where the breakthrough that allows you to bring the strategies of your sales team to the online forum really begins. Once you harness the capability to communicate to your new potential customers online, you’ll open up your dealership to the whole new world of business that’s already enjoyed by so many retail companies.

  1. Enhanced Customer Relations

Live chat isn’t just a way to build leads. For the customer, it provides an entire advanced service experience online. In a world where customers can quickly become distracted or jump to a competitor’s site, web traffic is quickly retained and built into a relationship that increases consumer loyalty and builds towards an ultimate sale.

  1. Video Conferencing

All of the most effect new software for dealership websites is made specifically to function as a whole in order to create a larger experience for new customers which has been proven to lead to increased lead generation and an enormous boost in sales.

When you add chat software for automotive digital retail to your website it will also enable your sales team to enter into the conversation through video conferencing. Video conferencing helps to bring the dealership experience to the online forum by allowing your sales team to engage with new customers in real time in order to build deals further and make personalized offers.

  1. Insurance and Financing Applications

Live chat and video conference can be used to answer any questions that your customers might pose, so that you can lead them towards a vehicle that’s perfect for the needs and budget. It can also be used to direct the same customers to your online insurance and financing applications. Providing such applications right on your website will boost any new buyers assurance that they have come to the right place to finalize a deal.

  1. Connect to Social Media Markets

One of the latest and most useful features to come to dealership websites is the ability to connect customers to online markets like Facebook marketplace. This capability is bringing dealerships closer to the ability to offer complete end-to-end auto sales online.

You may or may not have introduced these examples of the latest dealership sales and marketing software to your website, but either way seeing how these examples work together as a whole should provide an indication of the way that auto sales is changing and your need to change with it.