Let’s face it – we’re all going to need a chance to kick back and relax when this annoying pandemic is finally over. Many of us have had to put our vacation plans on hold this summer just when our anticipation for some time in the sun was ramping up.

Most experts predict that our vacation possibilities will open up again sometime later this year. Now is the time to start planning where you’re going to go when the time finally comes to jet off to somewhere exotic. Here are a few brilliant places to visit on vacation this autumn/winter.

  1. Turkey

Turkey’s unique location at the meeting point of Eastern and Western cultures makes it a fascinating place to take a vacation. From the gorgeous beaches that characterize Turkey’s southern coast to the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul, Turkey is full of attractions. If you want cheap flight tickets to Turkey, look no further than Turkish Airlines, which often have some great deals on offer.

  1. Indonesia

Few people realize how massive and mega-diverse Indonesia is before they get there. It’s easy to be fooled by how big the country appears in the most common map projection. The archipelago is huge, and each one of its many islands is ram-packed full of fantastic festivals, ancient monuments, delicious cuisine and jaw-dropping scenery that will have any traveler begging for more.

  1. Argentina

For those of you who are peeved having to spend the summer in your backyard, a trip to the Southern Hemisphere this autumn or winter will likely make up for it. The South American country of Argentina is third on our list of destinations due to its cultural diversity and mixture of climates and beautiful landscapes.

  1. Morocco

On your arrival in Morocco, you’ll quickly realize that you’ve stepped into another world. The North African country is the perfect place to spend a few weeks, either hiking in the desert or the High Atlas, taking in the unique culture of the country’s bustling cities or kicking back with a cocktail on the beach.

  1. New Zealand

Due to the proactive approach of the Kiwi government, New Zealand has pretty much escaped scot-free from the coronavirus chaos. As a result, this fantastically beautiful country full of endemic wildlife and virgin landscapes is likely to be open for tourism earlier than many of the other locations on this list. The Kiwis are an incredibly welcoming people and will go out of their way to make sure visitors see the best of their country.

Although you may be feeling quite down about missing this year’s summer vacation, bear in mind that the coronavirus crisis is likely to be under control before long. Cheap flight tickets will soon be touted around to the best vacation destinations around the world, so keep an eye out for a great deal. Booking as soon as possible for a later in the year you might be able to net yourself a ticket at bargain-basement prices.