Many people are passionate to join the military. There is no denying the fact that the military enjoys perks and privileges which are inaccessible to the other government or private institutions. This comes as one of the biggest motivations to pursue a career in the army or even a military MBA, all these are valid options for active and former service members. However, there is no dearth of people who are driven to the army due to their staunch patriotism.


Yet, it is surprising that a vast proportion of aspirants overlook the importance of a degree like military history. Joining the army is not all about being physically perfect. In order to do well in this profession, you got to have a strong academic footprint as well. Being mindful of this fact, a degree in military history will do a world of good to you.

Following are the top five benefits of studying military history:

  1. Improves tactics

In routine life, we tend to use words like tactics and strategy interchangeably. But armies draw a clear distinction between both the terms. A strategy is an overall plan to achieve a goal or target. Tactics, on the other hand, are the minor steps that make a grand strategy successful. So it’s clear as day that you can’t win a battle without executing your tactics in the right way.

If you make it to the bigger ranks of the army, you can’t afford to go wrong with your tactics. Studying military history will encompass you with the knowledge regarding which tactics have gone outdated with time and we can still apply which ones in modern-day warfare.

We all realize that knowing tactics is one thing and implementing them is a different deal altogether. The military history will oblige you to study different subjects that will give you deep insight into how societies respond during an atmosphere of war. Knowing all these factors will dramatically increase the implementation of your tactics.

In a nutshell, a heavy dose of history lessons will enable you to react immediately and keep you from being caught napping.

  1. Excellent job opportunities

Having a military historian degree by your side, you will have access to the variety of jobs in government and private institutions. Some of the well-to-do jobs are mentioned below:

  • This degree has a great scope in the academic field. You can easily break into a reputed teaching institution and make a good fortune as a history teacher.
  • If you have always been imagining to work with the country’s top officials, how about getting a job in the CIA? Yes, you can make a career as a military analyst.
  • If you have done an MA in military history, there are a multitude of positions waiting for you in the Department of Defense.
  1. Infuses leadership qualities

Some people are born leaders, others are made in workshops. Even those with inborn leadership qualities need to polish their raw talent to make it more reliable for a profession like the military. Because the margin of making an error is ever so slight there.

Undertaking the course of military history will oblige you to study a subject like Global Military History where you can draw inspiration from war-heroes of different countries. You may be military might – a large army with the latest technology – but how the troops are lead will still make a meaningful difference. History is full of instances when apparent losses were converted into victories, owing to the leadership capabilities of the man in charge.

Worse, if you lack the ability to lead from the front, your subordinates will never look up to you in tough scenarios. Respect and following come readily when soldiers have faith in your leadership attributes.

  1. Enlarging the scope of skills

Perhaps the stand out feature about this degree is its flexibility. It is not one of those degrees where civilians have absolutely no business. Opting for a military history program will help you to gain command over critical thinking and research. Since you will have to engage in presentations, time and again, so you will become more proficient at this as well. Given the diversity, this degree will benefit history lovers in general.

  1. Gives past perspective

Military matters are not always restricted to the institution itself. Sometimes civilians also have to intervene. Going by the constitution, politicians are by and large responsibility to take hold of military affairs. In other words, civilian leaders are calling the shots and the military is just reacting to their orders.

When you desire to hold a public office someday, you can’t skip studying the ever-important military history. The decision-makers must be fully aware of the past perspectives so that they can easily assist the consequences beforehand and avoid engaging their army in unnecessary conflicts.

Final thoughts

As you can see, military history is a diverse degree. Therefore, you will not only enjoy going through this course but you can also land upon an ideal job. To sum up, it is a fulfilling degree in every respect.