If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you are facing issues with the law, you might be wondering what to do. It’s a scary time to navigate, and you certainly don’t have to do it alone. One of the top questions on people’s minds, when faced with criminal charges, is whether or not to hire a lawyer.

The main reason why many people choose not to hire a lawyer is because of finances. However, there are ample reasons why you could be doing more harm than good and causing yourself significant financial stress in the long run if you opt-out of hiring an attorney.

Here are three of the top reasons why you may want to consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

They Are Trained Professionals

Lawyers have gone through a substantial amount of schooling and training to learn and understand the judicial system. It is significantly more complex than anyone who may consider representing themself or looking to have a state-appointed attorney. State-appointed representation does not allow you to find someone that has the necessary experience under their belt or to find out any other credentials, such as how many wins or losses they have had.

Plus, you want someone with a substantial amount of understanding of the court system. This way, they will be able to fully explain to you in detail and terminology you can understand so there is no confusion on your part throughout the entire process.

Save Your Money and Your Future

Despite whether or not the case at hand is your fault, the court system is a complicated situation, and the cards are immediately stacked against you. If you are falsely accused, you could be in a situation that causes more financial stress than you may realize. Not only this, but hiring a lawyer could end up not only saving you money but can also save your future.

A good lawyer will be able to work with you to ensure that you are properly represented to save you time in jail. That’s right. Criminal charges can very well mean that you would need to spend time behind bars. A lawyer can do everything in their power to ensure that your time is lessened, removed, or could even get the charges dismissed based upon the case at hand.

When you are thinking about your future with someone facing such substantial charges, you certainly do not want to gamble with your life.

What Are the Possible Outcomes?

Unfortunately, there are some attorneys out there that present a picture that is too good to be true. Their optimism is contagious, and they make you believe you can not be touched. When, in fact, with every case, there are always multiple alternate outcomes. Having an attorney on your side who you can trust is going to give you all of the information straight.

What is most important when considering your options for hiring an attorney is someone who will be straightforward with you. They will have your best interest at heart to know what the best possible outcome could be such as needing to take a plea, fighting the case, or perhaps filing an appeal.


Being faced with criminal charges can be scary and daunting. If this is you, then it is time to pick up the phone and call a criminal lawyer. Do your due diligence when hiring a lawyer. Find out all of their credentials such as where they went to school, what their specialties are in, and what their win and loss ratio is.

And do not hesitate to ask questions. Hiring a lawyer is an incredibly important task when dealing with criminal charges. Don’t forget to put your well-being, financial security, and longevity of your future first by asking the right questions.