Let’s talk about your warehouse. Is it functioning efficiently, helping generate revenue and allowing you to deliver optimum service to your customers? If so, carry on with what you are doing. If not, you need to look seriously at why shutting down your warehouse could be the best thing for your business.

Of course, we are not talking about shutting down your fulfilment process. But one thing you need to consider when you are working out how to maintain a more efficient and profitable business is outsourcing your warehouse facility. Here’s why shutting your warehouse and outsourcing it to an expert is beneficial for a growing business.

1. You Benefit from Cost Savings

Unless your warehouse is run to the optimum levels of efficiency and delivers an impressive ROI, you will probably find that outsourcing your warehouse will bring cost savings over the long term. Since the warehousing firm is experienced in fulfilment and working for a variety of different clients they will be able to bring their overheads down and pass on savings to their customers. You can take advantage of shared networks of delivery and you benefit from economies of scale that you otherwise could not have taken advantage of. Deliveries can also be picked and packed at any time during the day or even the night, making your customers happier.

2. You Choose Flexible Space

When you are running your own warehouse it is almost impossible to save money when you have a reduced flow of stock. You still have to rent the space, and you still have to pay your staff, even when you are going through a slowdown. When you outsource your warehouse facilities you can benefit from a flexible space that can be scaled up and down as you need it, and you only pay for what you use. You don’t have to worry about letting staff go, or training new staff when you get busy periods.

3. You Focus on your Core Business

Running a warehouse can be a big drain on your resources both mentally and financially. Packaging company experts will take it off your hands and you can focus on the activities that directly grow your business and help you attract more customers and win more sales. Shutting down your warehouse and transferring this task to another company takes away stress and hassle that is associated with managing an aspect of the business that is not directly related to business growth.

Image: Image courtesy of photoraidz/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net