Whiskey in America is becoming more popular and if you’re struggling to give a gift, a bottle of branded whiskey can’t hurt.

But what about if you’re giving a corporate gift? If you’re offering a gift to your boss, colleague, or employee, is whiskey an appropriate option? 

We think it is and this guide will show you why whiskey is one of the best corporate gift ideas. Use it to help you find the best branded whiskey for your next corporate event.

Here’s what you must know:

What Makes a Great Corporate Gift?

Let’s face it: most corporate gift ideas are boring. You’ll give your boss a clock that they’ll never glance at or a pen that your employees will eventually lose.

You want to give them something that they’ll cherish. While the whiskey bottle eventually empties, the memories will still fill one’s mind for a lifetime. 

So why invest in whiskey? Because it’s one of the best corporate gifts that you’ll ever give!

Now let’s look a bit deeper into how to gift whiskey.

Which Whiskey?

With so many whiskey brands available, it’s often a challenge to decide which is the best one to gift.

If you’re giving whiskey to a seasoned connoisseur then you want to give them a Johnnie Walker Black or Blue Label. If they’re not accustomed to whiskey, they might find these options too strong.

In this case, you might want to give them a bourbon. These could include Jack Daniels or any other whiskey from the South.

If you don’t have experience with whiskey, then you should go to your liquor store. Try out a variety of whiskies to determine which one you’ll like. Most likely, your recipient will like the same one that you enjoy.

If you’re really stressed about gifting whiskey, then you can give a gift card. Many liquor stores offer gift cards for buying high-quality whiskey.


When gifting whiskey, the bottle is often sufficient. But you should also consider giving an accessory to the recipient.

For example, you can always give the whiskey in a case. This case can be made of leather and have a cushion to protect the bottle. If you gift a case, then your recipient will keep the bottle even after finishing the whiskey.

You can also gift a bottle opener for the whiskey bottles. The best bottle openers will have the logo of their favorite whiskey brand. Another great gift is to give a pair of whiskey glasses.

Gift the Gift of Whiskey

Now you know that whiskey makes a great corporate gift and how to choose the best brands.

Give a bottle of Johnnie Walker to a seasoned whiskey lover. For someone getting into whiskey, they’ll enjoy a lighter bourbon. You can also try out various whiskies at your local liquor store.

There are many great accessories to give along with whiskey. These include a nice case, bottle opener, and whiskey glasses.

Now that you’ve finished this article, you probably want a drink. Why not pour a whiskey and peruse the other shopping guides on our blog?