Are you trying to reduce your carbon footprint? Perhaps your energy bills are too high and you’re looking for ways to lower your costs? If this is the case, you may already be looking for a contractor to install a residential solar system.

But, not all solar installation companies are created equal, so how do you go about hiring the best one in your area? The last thing you want is to have issues getting your solar panels installed, or to pay too much for your solar system. These are understandable concerns, and it can be useful to make a short checklist to help you hire a reliable solar contractor.

Let’s learn more about what to look for in a solar installation business.

Licensing and Insurance

You should only work with commercial solar companies that have the proper licensing and insurance. A reputable contractor will be happy to provide documentation showing they have the required approvals and insurance coverage to work on your property. If this is not the case, you should look for a different solar installation business.

Track Record

It can help to ask about a solar installer’s industry experience. If they have been in the business for many years, they will likely be able to resolve any installation issues and place your panels in locations that get the best results.

Commitment and Communication

A solar installer should always be willing to visit your property prior to installation. They can then assess where the panels should go, and answer your queries. If a contractor is unwilling to visit your home before the installation date, this could be a warning sign they are not fully committed to your solar project.

Costs and Warranty

top solar provider can help you maximize your solar savings without any upfront costs. This could be an attractive option if you are installing your solar system on a budget. The best companies will also offer a warranty for your peace of mind.

Customer Reviews

You can learn more about rooftop solar companies by reading reviews and recommendations on online review sites. The customer comments could verify that a business is efficient, reliable, and has high customer service standards. This can give you the confirmation you need that your preferred solar installer can meet your requirements.

Don’t Settle For Less When Choosing a Solar Installation Company

It’s essential to know what qualities to look for when hiring the best solar installation company in your area. You should confirm a business’s services are cost-effective, that they offer a warranty, and have plenty of experience. It can also give you confidence if your preferred firm has many positive customer reviews.

You could soon be enjoying the benefits of having a residential solar panel system!

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