If you are able to answer the question of what drives employees to leave a company in the first place, it is much more likely that you are going to be able to stop the flow from happening in the wrong direction. Of course, there is a myriad of different factors that can be at play here, but by analyzing the main possibilities and most common options, this can help you to put in place a raft of measures that can really end up having the major impact that you are looking for. 

A Poor Company Culture 

Company culture can prove to be something that is highly difficult to put your finger on, but if you allow it to get out of control and move in a negative direction, there is no doubt that your company can be impacted in a bad way overall. It tends to be the bigger companies that have more trouble in terms of keeping the company properly managed, and it is easy to let everything get out of control if you do not continually come back to the table to re-evaluate what is going on and the steps that you can put in place that will improve matters. 

Too Much Micromanaging 

There are a couple of major issues to be said about micromanaging. First of all, people find it to be intrusive on their job, and there is the sense that too many cooks spoil the broth. Beyond this, there is also a problem in terms of the level of trust that is being put in employees. If it feels like there is constantly someone who is breathing down their necks all the time, they are going to find it a lot harder to believe that you actually trust what they are doing and are fully comfortable in allowing them to get on with it unhindered. 

A Poor Benefits Package 

The next potential issue that your company is facing is based on the benefits package that you have put in place. To begin with, it could well be the case that you are simply not paying enough money compared to the major competitors that you have out there. Not only this, but there are also all sorts of other major issues out there associated with companies, such as the ability to provide a pension plan and healthcare. For this reason, you should certainly check out a range of health insurance quotes. There is also a lot more noise in terms of flexible working and allowing members of staff to work on a remote basis. 

Lack of Development Opportunities 

Many employees are quite ambitious, but if you are not providing them with the type of opportunities that allow them to keep one eye clearly on the future, there is no doubt that this can present a major problem. For this reason, you should look at the development opportunities that you are currently offering and how you can improve them further.