From the budding entrepreneur to the individual who is looking to make a little money on the side, starting a web-based business is a decision that could offer a wide variety of benefits for all kinds of people.

Most know exactly what they wish to pursue when they are considering starting an online business. But some may simply be looking for ideas and inspiration in the beginning. Do you want to start a web-based business but have no idea what type of business is calling out to you? If so, here are some web-based business ideas to start in 2020.

1. Selling freelancer services to companies and individuals in need.

If you have special skills that businesses need, choosing to become a freelancer is a great way to develop a side business while still exercising full control over your schedule and the amount of time that you choose to work. Additionally, the number of skills that you can use to launch your own freelance career is endless.

Whether you are looking to become a freelance writer and editor, leverage previous financial skills to become an online accountant, or apply your graphic design experience to create logos and other images for business’s needs, you can easily use valuable skills to create a part-time or full-time web-based business for yourself.

2. Launching your own online store.

Starting an online business of your own is no longer a business idea that has to be difficult and involved. While interested individuals may wish to create their own products and sell them online, many people in today’s world simply set up an attractive website, start sourcing affordable products (for example, by ordering Walmart whole sale pallets through a company like Direct Liquidation), and begin marketing their business and selling their products to their target audience.

No matter what types of products you are interested in selling, setting up your own online storefront is simple, making it a perfect business idea for those looking to get into a web-based business quickly and easily.

3. Becoming a coach or consultant.

Selling your skills is one way to make money online. However, it is not the only way. If you have extensive experience and knowledge in a certain field, you can also create a web-based business by becoming a coach or consultant. One option is to leverage your fitness experience or your life experience and motivational skills to become a fitness or life coach.

Plenty of people have managed to start their own successful coaching business designed to help others achieve the success they are looking for. If your skills and experienced are heavily tied to business, you may wish to act as a business consultant to young startups that have just launched and need the support.

No matter what business you decide to run, the most important part of launching is to remember that, eventually, it is likely your business will grow and demand more of your time. Think ahead and create plans of action that will allow you to grow with your web-based business. It’s also a smart idea to set up portions of your business now that may be essential in the future. For example, having a customer service section for your small business can be helpful in addressing customer complaints or problems. As you scale, you can begin transitioning over to a physical call center with contact center software and hardware that is designed to handle the volume of interactions you have daily.

Starting a web-based business is a great way to earn a side income or break away from traditional employment. However, the sheer volume of opportunities can often cause people to shy away from starting their own online business. If you are looking to launch your own web-based business but don’t know what you are looking to do, use some of the ideas provided above for inspiration for your own business!