Travel With Your Dog

Six in ten Americans went for a vacation in 2017.

Going on holiday is essential in helping you take a break from the daily grind. Vacationing has many benefits and while you may want to take some time off your daily tasks you can’t take time off your pet.

In light of this, many vacation goers often decide to bring their pets along with them. If you opt to travel with your dog you will need to keep them busy even as you take in the sights.

Keep reading for some fun ideas on where you and your dog can have an enjoyable vacation

1. Sanibel Island, Florida

Florida is the land of sunny weather and blue water. When you are thinking of destinations for dog-friendly vacations, you can’t go wrong with Florida.

Sanibel island might be famous for its picturesque Gulf Coast sunsets and shells, but it is also home to dog-friendly beach houses and hotels.

As part of your vacation, you can explore the Wildlife Drive tour through the mangrove forests with your furry loved one. Afterward, you can catch a beautiful sunset at some outdoor picnic tables.

2. Key Largo, Florida

Another hotspot in Florida for a summer vacation with your dog is Key Largo.

If you are the type to road trip, there are dog-friendly beaches you can take a stroll along whenever you park for a break.

You can even take fido paddle boarding. Just make sure to bring along your dog’s lifejacket when you pack for your vacation.

When you want to drink in the aquatic scenery, you and your furry friend can take a Key Largo Princess Glass Bottom Boat tour.

3. San Diego, California

If one of your ideal destinations for vacations is a seaside city, then you will love to travel with your dog to San Diego.

The city has year-round balmy weather making it the perfect gateway during summer and any other time of year.

With 16 off-leash parks, you can set your dog free to roam and frolic to its heart’s content without worrying about regulations.

After all the activity you can take them to the Original Paw Pleasers. It’s a dog-dedicated bakery where you can get freshly baked treats for your dog.

4. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket is a city steeped in history. Aside from the historical museums and lighthouses, you can also find several dog-friendly beaches.

Since many people flock to Nantucket during the summer, you and your dog might decide to avoid them.

Nobadeer Beach and Steps Beach both offer an alternative to having fun by the shore away from the large crowds. You can also consider Francis Street Beach where the waters are serene.

There’s a shuttle that can take you and your dog to the beach for free. You’ll only need to place your furry friend in a carrier.

Make sure you look through different carrier options for the perfect pick before leaving as dog crate sizes vary depending on the pet you’re buying it for.

5. Asbury Park, New Jersey

There has been a lot of buzz about Asbury Park in recent times partly because there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The boardwalk is open to dogs from October 1st through to May 15th all day long. During summer times, dogs are welcome from 6 pm to 8:30 am daily. You can take a stroll in the sun with your dog and drink in the summer sights.

You can consider attending dog-friendly events at The Asbury Park Convention Hall that might interest you.

6. Austin, Texas

Austin is a fun-filled town not just for you but for your dog too. There are unique ways to enjoy the summer in the city.

Austin Doga is a yoga place that is also dog-friendly. You can get your yoga exercise going as your furry friend sits around and take in all the zen.

If you are feeling adventurous you and your dog can take on the great outdoors at Lady Bird Lake. You can kayak, paddleboard, and hike.

7. Portland

As one of the most walkable cities in the US, Portland inevitably attracts many people and their pets during the summer.

The city has the highest number of per capita off-leash parks in the nation with a total of 30 such parks available. You, therefore, have a wide array of places to let your dog run loose even as you tour the city.

If you’re a serious walker then Powell Butte Trail is the best place for you to take in the scenery.

8. Lake Placid, New York

Set in the Adirondack mountains, Lake Placid is a great outdoor environment for you and your dog to bask in the warm summer weather.

You can ski, hike, bike, or even go fishing there. Do not worry about accommodation as you can stay at the Lake Placid Lodge which caters to dogs. The lodge offers dog-beds and homemade treats.

There are other dog-friendly trails and lakes to give you both an adventurous time.

9. Bar Harbor, Maine

The rocky, cliff-lined coast of Maine is an enthralling vacation spot for you and your dog. The surrounding Acadia National Park offers many attractions.

From biking to mountains, Acadia National Park will allow you to explore. If you decide to take the Acadian boat tour, your dog can also come along for the ride.

You will not miss a dog park that is between Seal Harbor and Northeast Harbor. Here, your furry friend can have a good time with other dogs.

10. Seattle

Seattle is a big city destination that has many parks and green areas for you to relax and commune with nature.

If your dog is itching for some exercise, then you can set an appointment at Seattle’s K9 Fun Zone to jump and romp around.

Travel with Your Dog to All the Hot Spots

Taking a vacation helps you refresh your mind and body so that you can recharge to meet life’s demands. While you may want to up and leave, you can’t abandon your dog.

Some times you may end up having to travel with your dog on vacation. Try to incorporate locations where you and your furry friend will both have some fun.

Get out there and see the world with your furry loved one.