Did you know that a recent survey found almost half of all Americans have used at least one prescription medication in the last thirty days?

With 119 million people in the United States alone using prescribed drugs to combat a wide variety of conditions and diseases, where these are purchased is a vital topic of conversation.

If you are one of the many that order prescriptions for health management, mail order pharmacies can be an optimal alternative to brick and mortar storefronts.

There are several benefits to choosing to have your prescriptions mailed to you, instead of picking them up.

Read on to learn more about why you should consider switching to mail order prescriptions.

Benefits of Mail Order Prescriptions

Before discussing the many benefits of mail order prescriptions, it is important to address what these are.

A mail order pharmacy, as opposed to a traditional pharmacy, generally works directly with your insurance company and the benefits provider to fulfill the prescribed medicine.

Here are a few reasons to discuss mail order options available to you based on your benefits and insurance.

1. No Drive Time

One of the biggest advantages of home delivery for your prescriptions is that someone else does the drive for you.

There is no need to stop by in person to receive your medicine, and you can easily plan your day without the extra errand.

2. Huge Savings

Because of the savings the pharmacy typically has in specializing in mail order drugs, the end consumer can also experience these savings.

While it will depend on the company and pharmacy, mail order prescriptions can save you up to 90% compared to traditional options.

3. Usually Covered by Insurance

It is a misconception that mail order pharmacies are not covered under insurance. In fact, most work directly with insurance companies to provide the best deal to their clients.

Before ruling out the mail order option because of coverage, double-check with your insurance plan to determine what home delivery options are available to you.

4. Easier for Chronic Conditions

Some conditions and diseases can make difficult to venture to a physical pharmacy because of the nature of the treatment and experience.

If you are limited in your movements due to chronic pain or need to avoid public spaces because of potential exposures, prescription delivery is an ideal choice.

5. Never Run Out

Perhaps the best reason to consider a mail order pharmacy is the ease in which you refill the prescription. With most home delivery options, prescriptions will automatically renew, saving you from the possibility of running out.

Make the Switch to an Online Pharmacy

Mail order prescriptions allow you to manage your health with ease. Instead of driving, you can save yourself the trouble and receive the medicine at home.

In addition to time, you can also typically save money through a mail order prescription, especially because they are more often than not covered through your insurance.

Finally, opting for mail order medicine allows you to avoid running out, as well as avoid exacerbating a condition that makes visiting a pharmacy difficult.

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