The truth is this should not even be an issue. Making sure everyone has the same level of accessibility when doing the same tasks should be expected and put into practice by everyone. Sadly, this is not what we see. Those with a disability will often face situations where they are at a disadvantage because of their disability. Now ok, I agree, things are much better than they used to be. We now see ramps into public buildings as quite a normal thing, or automatic doors, slopes on and off sidewalks, elevators and disabled toilets on every level of a building. We may not even notice these things anymore; they are just a part of life. But there is much more that can be done. There are companies, like accessiBe, that are helping with this and improving the level of accessibility for disabled people. But how?

Accessibility online

The world is now a much smaller place thanks to the advancements in technology that gave us the internet. Everything is at our fingertips, even the other side of the world is accessible at the touch of a button. Or is it? Well for most of us, yes, it is. But as has often happened through time, those with a disability are getting left behind. They don’t always enjoy the same level of accessibility as the rest of us do. Some sites are not set up to cater for their specific needs. What could those be?

The specific needs of each individual could vary greatly. Someone with a cognitive impairment may struggle if a page is too busy or has long paragraphs full of complicated words. A person with a hearing impairment may be fine with this but then struggle with any videos on a web page. So how can the different needs all be met?

We said earlier that there are companies out there that are helping make the change to accessible websites for everyone. Software can be introduced to a website that will detect any issues with accessibility and automatically fix them for you.

This is fantastic news for companies who are aware of the need to get their website accessible but may have been unsure where to begin or were looking at costly methods of achieving the same thing. This way is quick, cheap and simple. It basically does the work for you.


Giving everyone equal access should be a priority for everyone, and with companies out there that are willing to do the work for you, there is no reason to delay any further.