Did you know there are only 518 standup comedians in the US?

There’s plenty of entertainment to go around, but who are some of the best comedians of all time? We’re here with a few. Remember, this list isn’t in any particular order. Each comedian has their own style and approach to comedy — these few just worked their way through the ranks.

Read on to learn all about them.

Robin Williams

With a witty knack for improvisation and a whirling brain to match, Robin Williams was a force to be reckoned with. His talent landed him roles in Disney classics like Aladdin and Flubber, and the title he’s synonymous with, Mrs. Doubtfire. He was adored even off-stage, and his film track is one that’s still admired and watched globally.

That, combined with his uncanny ability for impressions and accents, places him among the greats.

Phyllis Diller

While she might not have started until she was 37 years old, Phyllis Diller quickly became a household name.

What started as a two-week stint at the Purple Onion transformed into two years, her wild hair and self-deprecating humor set her apart from the crowd. She ended her career as one of the first gay comedic icons that helped open the door for nearly two generations of female comedians.

Richard Pryor

The length of Richard Pryor’s career alone is enough to land him on any list. With one of the longest and most influential careers among any standup comedian, he became known for his honest political takes and raunchy characters.

Known best for Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip, he plays the part of everything from water buffaloes to mafia gangsters. You even learn about his freebasing accident and experience with drug addiction.

Kevin Hart

After winning several stand-up comedy competitions, Kevin Hart went on to receive roles with Comedy Central and in franchises like Jumanji and Scary Movie. Hart has even partnered with Lionsgate to create Laugh Out Loud, a production company set to provide opportunities for talent of any ethnicity around the world.

Known for his self-deprecating humor and constant quips about his own height, you can still see this legend in shows around the world.

Joan Rivers

A decade-long grind in New York’s comedy clubs is what launched Joan Rivers’ comedic career at a time when females weren’t seen very often in the industry. She landed an appearance on The Tonight Show, and then went on the host it for 20 years.

She talked bluntly about her body, her experiences, her career, and even her plastic surgery in her sketches, and she even went on to write 12 books.

Remember the Best Comedians

Was this of the best comedians list what you expected? Were there any people you thought were missing? Remember, this list is who we think is the best, but there are plenty of other comedians who deserve their time in the spotlight as well.

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