Social and entertainment clubs have increased in popularity over the years. No matter where you live in Australia, there’s bound to be at least one good social and entertainment club somewhere nearby, even in smaller towns. In Sydney, Australia’s largest city by population, social clubs abound.

For the very best choice of social clubs though, you’ll want to head out into Sydney’s vast Western Suburbs for more choices. This area is truly the home of the social and entertainment club in the NSW capital.

Let’s take a look at just some of the key reasons why you should head west when looking for social clubs in the Sydney area.

Social and Entertainment Clubs Are Not Merely Drinking Venues

The basic idea behind social and entertainment clubs is to provide patrons with a complete social and entertainment experience, all under the one roof. Of course, they will sell all of your favourite alcoholic beverages and likely the best cocktails too, but you can also enjoy a meal, watch live entertainment, play the pokies, participate in various special events and competitions and are also family-friendly places to hang out.

There may also be activities such as lawn bowls, billiards, darts, table tennis, along with access to join various social groups and clubs that operate outside of the social and entertainment club, such as sporting and hobby clubs.

Enjoy More Affordable Prices Out West

The further west from the city centre you venture, the more affordable prices seem to become. This also applies to what you’ll pay for food and drinks at a social and entertainment club. In Sydney’s West, you can enjoy high-quality, delicious meals for less than what you would pay in the city, and the portion sizes are usually bigger as well.

The prices for booze are generally more wallet-friendly too, so you can indulge in your favourite drinks without destroying your budget.

If you want to find the best dining options at social and entertainment clubs out west, just try a quick online search. “Best club dining options in Silverwater” is a good example.

You Will Always Be Entertained

The great thing about social and entertainment clubs, as opposed to the average bar or nightclub, is they offer up a variety of entertainment. One night you might be treated to music from a solo artist or a popular band, while the next you could be belly laughing to a comedian.

Other things to keep you entertained might be trivia nights, raffles and competitions where you can win fantastic prizes, or celebrating special events such as Christmas, Easter and more.

These clubs are designed to entertain you, not just serve up food and drinks. If you want a complete fun night out, then a Western Sydney social and entertainment club is the place to be.

Sample Some of the Best Food In Sydney

Decades ago, when people thought of eating food in a pub or some other drinking establishment, it usually meant greasy and unhealthy food or “pub grub”. Well, times have changed in a major way.

In today’s health-conscious society, social and entertainment clubs offer up some of the healthiest and tastiest cuisine in the country, with top chefs preparing the meals. Depending on the club, you might be treated to traditional fare such as steak, pasta and seafood, while other clubs will offer more exotic cuisine, such as Vietnamese, Japanese or Korean delicacies.

These days, you can literally enjoy fine dining in a casual dining environment at affordable prices.

Social Clubs Are Family-Friendly

Another point to make note of about many social clubs in the west is they are generally family-friendly places. This means that you can take along the little ones when you go out for a meal and a few drinks. Some clubs even have play areas for children and will even host special events for kids during periods of school holidays.

If you’re looking for something the whole family can do over the weekend, head on down to your local social and entertainment club.

In Conclusion

Sydney’s Western Suburbs boasts some of the best social and entertainment venues in the entire city, so journey out west next time you’re looking for a great time, day or night.