In a recent survey conducted by Southern Cross University, 93% of respondents indicated an interest in more eco-friendly living.  Although you may have every intention to start leading a more environmentally-friendly life, the mere thought of making huge lifestyle changes may be somewhat overwhelming.  Thankfully, you do not need to change everything in one go. Becoming more ‘green; can be a process consisting of a variety of smaller efforts that contribute to the overall green rating of your life.  Here are a few simple ways you can make your entire life increasingly eco-friendly without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Live in an eco-friendly home

One of the biggest and most effective steps you can take to give your entire life a ‘green’ overhaul is to live in an eco-friendly home.  You can either design an eco-friendly house from the ground up if you are building from scratch or employ a few strategies to make your existing home more eco-friendly.  Some of the simplest ways to achieve this are by ensuring your house is airtight by insulating it properly. You can also make your home greener by installing solar panels on your roof which will help reduce your electricity consumption drastically, saving you money and decreasing the impact you have on the environment. Water-saving systems and smart technologies such as smart thermostats, smart air conditioners, and smart plugs can all contribute to a greener home as well.

Try to consume less meat

Did you know that up to 30% of the earth’s surface is used to raise livestock which is responsible for nearly 9% of all Co2 emissions derived from human activities.  It also generates in excess of 65% of all human-related nitrous oxide.  While no one can force anyone else to give up their consumption of animal products, your lifestyle will definitely become more eco-friendly if you eat less meat.  Even if you limit your red meat consumption to two or three days a week instead of indulging every day, you will reduce your carbon footprint exponentially.  Try to include more vegetables in your meals or eat more sustainably-sourced seafood.

Recycle everything you can

If you want to make your life greener, start recycling as much as you possibly can. Even the smallest recycling efforts won’t be in vain as it will lessen the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill and protect the environment in other ways. By recycling just under a ton of paper you can save as many as 17 trees according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While you may already be recycling basics such as glass and paper, you may be surprised at just how much you can boost your recycling efforts. In fact, there are countless things in and around the house and office that can be recycled. This includes old clothes, tires, printer cartridges, batteries, and electronics.

Becoming more eco-friendly in your everyday life can benefit you as much as it does the environment. Even seemingly small efforts can have a hugely positive effect in the long-run.