Few things are as stressful as facing driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges. If convicted of this offense, penalties can range from license suspension to incarceration. And the fallout from a conviction can include loss of employment and reputational damage.

If you’re driving and see a cop car behind you with roof-mounted lights lit up like a Christmas tree, you might panic. That’s all the more true if you had a drink or two earlier. If the authorities charge you with a DWI, you’ll want the help of a reputable DWI attorney offers.

Doing or saying the wrong thing can worsen the situation. So, hiring a lawyer makes sense. It’s never in your best interests to speak to the police until you’ve retained a lawyer.

Here are five reasons to call a DWI lawyer rather than try to handle things independently.

1. You Need Their Legal Expertise

If charged with driving while intoxicated, you need the legal expertise of a DWI lawyer who knows applicable laws inside and out. The legal professional can explain the laws and regulations relevant to the jurisdiction where the alleged offense occurred.

After looking at the facts, the DWI lawyer might find that the authorities made mistakes that can strengthen your legal case. That’s the sort of legal expertise you need to beat the charges.

2. You’ll Get Legal Advice

When facing a possible conviction for DWI, you’ll want a legal professional who can break things down in a way that someone not in the legal industry can understand. You don’t need someone to sugar-coat things. A reputable DWI lawyer will explain the charges, present potential penalties if there’s a conviction, and discuss possible outcomes based on different options. You’ll be able to make informed decisions once all the cards are on the table.

3. You’ll Get Representation in Court

If your case goes to court, a DWI lawyer can increase your odds of a successful outcome. At the very least, a legal professional in your corner can get you a better result than you’d be able to achieve independently. A DWI lawyer will comb over the facts of the case, look for any possible procedural mistakes by the authorities, and build you a strong case. With so much at stake in a DWI case, you owe it to yourself to get reputable legal representation.

4. You’ll Get Expert Witnesses

A reputable DWI lawyer can also get expert witnesses. When the facts of a DWI situation are uncertain or if there’s a he-said-she-said scenario, expert witnesses can be a godsend. For instance, an accident reconstruction specialist may provide expert testimony that strengthens your case while poking holes in the prosecutor’s case against you. It could be the deciding factor in the outcome of your DWI case.

5. You’ll Get Negotiation Expertise

Not all DWI make it to court. Sometimes, the two sides enter into settlement talks. You can count on a DWI lawyer to negotiate a settlement with prosecutors to lessen the penalties. While having a good DWI lawyer with courtroom experience is great, you should also ensure the legal professional has experience in plea bargaining for clients. A settlement can often bring your legal situation to a faster conclusion so you can move forward with your life.

As you can see, there are compelling reasons to hire a DWI lawyer if you’re facing DWI charges. You don’t want to take on this challenge alone. A conviction can derail your life. Considering penalties like fines and incarceration, you can pay a heavy price with a DWI conviction. 

When so much hangs in the balance, you need a DWI lawyer to help tip the balance in your favor.