Throughout Mexico there is an enormous array of street food and now where is this more prominent than in Mexico City. Here in the capital there is just about every type of street food from all over the Republic of Mexico. Many will tell tourists that they should avoid street food because they think that they will be unwell but the truth is that this only happens in rare cases from certain stands which don’t take care of their goods.

In the main, getting street food is an incredible experience which is a must try during your time in Mexico, and here is why you’ll love it.

Street Talk 

Something which you are going to love about this is that it really is a hive of activity that brings everyone together. This is not just about enjoying food, it is also about the communal experience of enjoying food together. Here you can hear funny stories and anecdotes as you listen in on what people are chatting about, as you enjoy your meal. 


You could eat food on the streets of Mexico City for 20 consecutive days and enjoy 20 different options without repeating. There is such an enormous range of street food options here to choose from that there really is something for everyone. Even if you take something like tacos which of course can be found everywhere, there are over 20 options for different fillings, and that is just one aspect of street food. No matter what your tastes are, you’ll find something you love on these generous streets.


One of the main reasons behind why so many eat street food is not just that it tastes amazing but also that it is incredibly low cost. Let’s say that you head out for some tacos, these are going to cost you around 50 cents each, so you can enjoy a filling and delicious meal for a couple of dollars. Many people don’t cook at home because of the fact that street food here is so cheap, and it is certainly something which tourists love too. 

All Walks of Life 

For me I have always loved the fact that everyone eats at the street food stand, no matter who they are or where they are from. On any given day you can find business men along side road sweepers and a family of 5, altogether, all enjoying this freshly cooked street food as one. There is a delightful community feeling to this and that is something which you just don’t get when you dine inside a restaurant. 

I was very lucky to have Mexican chef and street food guide Rose Burillo help me out when I first arrived in the city to get the very best food here in CDMX. If you do not have that luxury then the best advice that anyone can give you is to watch out for crowds and queues, if there are locals queuing up for tacos, that right there is your seal of approval that they are top quality. 2