As part of our city guides, this week we have chosen a grossly underrated capital city which offers an incredible amount of places to explore, adventures to be had and culture to learn from, Mexico City.

This progressive city is putting itself on the radars of more and more people each year and when you visit the capital it is easy to see why. As tourism numbers continue to rise in the city, there in turn has been a great deal of investment in the city by way of improvements in infrastructure and cultural activities and the city is attracting a real smorgasbord of different nationalities and cultures who are all stamping their influence on the city. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from a visit to Mexico City.

Outstanding Food

The range of food options in Mexico City is incredibly vast and whilst there are all range of international options available, it is the local food which steals the limelight. For the best experience, taking a Mexico City food tour is highly recommended,  this will allow you to visit various street vendors and restaurants. If you do decide to do a foodie tour in Mexico City then you will not only be able to sample a wide range of local cuisine but you’ll be able to learn a little bit about the origins of the food and how it is made so that you can maybe try it yourself when you get back home, have a look online before you go and find yourself a great food tour in Mexico City.

Roaming The Streets

Mexico City offers a unique blend of old and new and walking through the city itself is a great way to experience both. It seems like around each corner there is something different and one minute you could be walking through a traditional Tianguis, a Mexican market, and the nest you’ll find yourself in a mazy park with ornate statues and art exhibitions. A gastronomy tour in Mexico City is the best way to indulge in the food but the best way to see the city itself is with a Mexico City walking tour. The capital has changed dramatically throughout history from its origins as a network of canals to the cosmopolitan metropolis that it is now and a guided tour will show you all sides of the city and educate you on all aspects of the capital.

Getting Around

Getting around all of the sights in Mexico City is incredibly easy, there is a Metrobus which travels throughout the city in its own lane and there is a vast metro network too. Whether you want to visit one of the city’s 150 museums, its various different neighborhoods or its main attractions, you can get there with easy using public transport. Uber operates in the are as well and you most certainly won’t have to wait very long before seeing a local taxi if you prefer that method.

Mexico City is growing at a staggering rate and each year sees a new attraction or installation which will please tourists, if you haven’t traveled to the capital yet then now is the time.