International students are very important to America’s universities. This is because they increase social and cultural diversity on campus. Additionally, students coming from abroad bring their contribution to the research and learning environment. International students make up a significant percentage of Ivy League schools, such as Princeton. Princeton University enjoys a great deal of popularity among Chinese students. In 2019, the institution had approximately 623 foreign students. Of course, various countries are represented on the Princeton campus. Examples include India and Canada.

China’s students want a U.S. education

Princeton is just one of the numerous universities taking in Chinese students. Other examples include Bentley University in Massachusetts, New York University, and Berkeley. Some of them come from China’s wealthiest and most powerful families. Not many know that president Xi Jinping’s daughter went to Harvard. It’s not difficult to see that China’s students cherish the United States educational system. American continues to remain a dream destination in terms of quality education.

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in a slight drop in the number of students enrolling from China, but it hasn’t created worries for the school. International enrollment has become critical because they contribute to the great reputation of the university. Princeton is always interested in bringing in students who excel in certain areas. Equally important is to draw attention to the fact that international students get to access life-changing experiences and work opportunities.

A short overview of admission at Princeton University

As mentioned earlier, Princeton University welcomes applications from all over the world. The school takes into account non-U.S. citizens, such as Chinese students, in the admissions and financial process. Interestingly, it’s one of the very few educational institutions in American that doesn’t impose a limit when it comes to financial aid. Your ability to finance your education doesn’t impact your chances of being admitted. Nevertheless, Princeton doesn’t offer academic or athletic merit scholarships.

Students are able to transfer for fall entry if they possess the equivalent of one or more years of full-time transferable credit. Those with one year of transferable credit can enter as sophomores, while students with 2 years of transferable credit can enter as juniors. The application must be submitted through the Common Application or Universal College Application. It’s paramount to make available the following documentation:

  • Official academic transcripts
  • College report
  • 2 academic recommendations

Since English isn’t your native language and you’ll be attending 普林斯顿大学, which is a school where English is the main language of instruction, it’s necessary to take a test like TOEFL. You have to get above 100+. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that there is an exception to the rule. More precisely, if you’re from Hong Kong, which lists English as an official language, you don’t have to take the test.

Finally yet importantly, there is a grace period in submitting the applications. Possible delays have nothing to do with the way applicants are examined. Everyone receives full consideration, which means that the admission process is fair.