One of the worst misconceptions in the travel world is that you need to be a billionaire to own and enjoy the perks of a yacht. Owning a yacht sounds excellent on the surface, but you’re on the hook for paying the crew and handling maintenance. Chartering a yacht with your friends and family is an excellent alternative to enjoy some time in luxury while out on the water.

You’ll have delicious food, ice-cold drinks, and that savory sea breeze blowing through your hair when you charter a yacht for your next vacation or birthday celebration. The good news is that you’ve found a fantastic guide to learning what you should expect when you charter a private yacht in the future.

Keep reading this article to travel the seas in style in 2023!

Customize Your Charter

If you’ve never learned how to charter a yacht, it’s your chance to customize and tailor your experience to your wants and desires. The crew will want to know every detail about you when you’re preparing to embark. The more precise you are with this information, the easier life is for the crew.

It’s best to also let the captain know what you want to do during the trip in advance. They can plan out what your chartered yacht trip looks like and the places you’ll visit. Let the captain know if you crave a quiet, relaxing experience or a wild trip to party destinations like Monaco.

The captain and crew want you to enjoy the best experience possible by tailoring the trip to your liking. Don’t be afraid to customize it; be transparent about what you want from the vacation.

Eat Well

The best aspect to enjoy when you charter a yacht Caribbean is the food. Your ship will have a private chef, meaning you’ll indulge in incredible meals at all hours of the day. Feel free to enjoy a midnight snack if you’re hungry during your trip on the luxury yacht.

The chef is better than any restaurant you’ve eaten at, and you deserve to treat yourself when you charter a private yacht. The meals are catered to you and your guests rather than an entire restaurant. It’s an intimate and unforgettable dining experience you should enjoy when living out your yacht party ideas.

Mind the Rules

Yachts have rules for a reason, and you need to obey them to avoid your time aboard the luxury yacht coming to an end early. Some boats prohibit smoking, while others have strict rules about where and when to use the jetskis and other fun amenities.

Always listen to the captain and crew on the yacht when you charter a yacht for a vacation or some fun in the sun. It’s not only polite and considerate, but it’s also best for your safety and the safety of those around you.

Budget for the Cost to Charter a Yacht

It’s not cheap to charter a yacht, with the smallest yachts charging up to $20,000 weekly for an adventure on the high seas. The most luxurious mega yachts charge up to $1 million weekly, so it’s wise to come up with a budget and determine what you’re comfortable paying during your vacation.

The size of the yacht and the destination you travel to will both play a factor in how much you’ll pay to enjoy your time on the vessel. Remote destinations like the Galapagos Islands will cost far more than a Smart Charter Ibiza.

Other factors like fuel, VAT, and crew fees will add to the cost of your yacht charter. Consider your APA when planning your budget for the yacht trip. It accounts for 30 percent of your total costs during the trip, and it relates to fuel costs and special considerations.

Consider Bringing Childcare

If you’re bringing your children along, it’s wise to bring your own childcare with you. The crew might be great with your kids, but you shouldn’t expect the burden of monitoring and entertaining them to fall on the hardworking crew members on the yacht. Bring your babysitter or nanny with you on vacation to bring some stability from home for your children.

Your children’s nanny will know their routines and help them adjust to the new environment, especially on longer yacht trips. It’s the best way to allow yourself to unwind and enjoy the vacation without being in parent mode 24/7.

Pack for the Climate

You should know in advance where you’re going when you charter a yacht, so pack smart and consider the climate when picking your outfits. If you’re exploring Patagonia and Antarctica, you won’t want to pack those flowy button-down shirts and chino shorts. A yacht trip to the Caribbean deserves comfortable clothes for a tropical climate.

Your shoes are also important to consider when packing for your yacht charter trip. Most yachts have a policy that prevents high heels, as these shoes damage the decks. Prepare to go barefoot during your trip, but take advantage of the pedicures you’ll receive from the crew during your stay.

Make the Most of the Boat

You’re paying a large sum of money to enjoy a vacation on a luxury yacht. It’s a waste if you don’t enjoy and take advantage of every amenity on the vessel during your stay. The smallest yachts still have tons of amazing features and toys that you and your family will love using.

Some yachts have a yoga instructor, while others have a private barber. You can also schedule massages and go snorkeling or scuba diving at the most stunning reefs in the world.

Take Steps to Charter a Yacht Today

Taking the first steps to charter a yacht for your next vacation is something you’ll never regret, especially as the captain and crew tailor the trip to your wants and desires. Set a budget and find the perfect vessel to charter a luxury yacht your family will love. Make the most of the amenities and enjoy each savory meal the chef prepares for you.

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