There is nothing quite like spending a weekend in nature. The fresh breeze, hearing the birds chirping in the morning, and the sweet smell of nature. Camping has come in leaps and bounds over the years and with so much innovation, you can evenĀ camp in luxury.

Have you always been a camper? It’s never too late to start again, but make sure you have all the basic essentials. Read below for the best camping tips of the 21st century.

Camping Tips: Lighting

Camping trips in the middle of the forest can get pitch black at night, make sure you have the correct lighting, and camping supplies. Using lanterns may not be enough and everybody should have a headlamp.

Comfortable Tent

A good quality tent is one of the first camping hacks and tips you should take note of. Make sure you get a tent that can stand up to the elements. Unexpected rain and wind can appear so you want a tent that is robust enough to withstand it all.

If you plan on camping in winter, you will need a tent for cold weather, as any other type of tent, will leave you freezing at night. A tent cam can also be a good idea so that you keep an eye on any predators that may be lurking.

Sleeping Bag

Pretty much like a tent, a comfortable, warm sleeping bag is of utmost importance. This is one of the first camping tips for beginners: a good night’s sleep means everything when you’re camping! A sleeping bag provides comfort and nothing beats a good night’s sleep.

Along with the sleeping bag, you will need a good-quality sleeping pad that mimics a mattress. With so many options, it is best to look around and weigh up your options.

Food Storage

We all need nourishment throughout the day and camping can be quite a challenge. Along with keeping food cold, you will need the proper equipment to be able to store your food and keep it away from wild animals and pesky bugs.

Having a few good foraging bags is a good idea, as the forest can provide nutrition if you know where to look. See 10 ways to use a foraging bag.

What to Wear

Fighting the elements all starts with your clothing. The clothing you want to wear is quick-drying, light material, and long pants. The jacket you should have should be waterproof and rated to the weather that you will be facing.

Preferably you should wear strong, tough, and durable hiking boots for the long treks in the forest. Hiking boots offer protection from snakes as they won’t be able to bite through them. Hiking boots are a must.

Experience the Great Outdoors

In our opinion, not enough people get outdoors and experience nature in its purest form. By following these few camping tips and tricks, you will be able to go out, have a good time, and most importantly, be safe in the great outdoors.

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