NFL season is around the corner and even if you’ve never cared for football before, now’s the best time to get into it.

There are quite a few new and seasoned players who are expected to make the 2022 season one of the best in NFL history. As a result, one of the benefits of this coming season is great betting opportunities.

But what are the NFL week 1 odds that you should consider? You should take time to research and make your own decisions, but we’ve got an idea of what might work.

Here are our NFL week 1 schedule bets:

1. Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers

One can expect that in this match the Vikings will defeat the Packers and likely by a large margin. Both teams are great but one of the most common NFL predictions is that the Vikings will be victorious.

The quarterback is Kirk Cousins who is arguably one of the best in his position. It’s likely that he’ll go down in history as one of the NFL’s star quarterbacks alongside Dan Marino.

On the Packers, there’s the quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He’s also one of the best in the league. As a result, one can expect that the Vikings vs Packers will be an excellent match.

But with the Vikings having a greater winning streak, our bet is still on them. Nevertheless, this will be a tight match so you’ll want to take conservative bets.

2. Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans

The Indianapolis Colts are playing the Houston Texans in NFL Week 1 and we can expect an exciting game ahead.

Over two games, The Colts defeated The Texans with 62 points to 3 points! The Texans would have to make significant changes if they want to come back stronger this season.

But to place the safest bets, you might want to place your odds on The Colts winning against The Texans.

Without a doubt, the star player from The Colts has been Jonathan Taylor. Since he has helped lead his team to victory, you can bet he’ll do the same this season.

If he’s unable to play, then you might want to consider riding it out as The Colts are still a formidable team.

3. Baltimore Ravens vs New York Jets

Another game we’re looking forward to is the match between the Ravens and the Jets. We haven’t heard too much from either team for many of the past seasons.

But, one has seen increased hype for the Ravens. This has once again made them a formidable team and we’re looking forward to what they’ll bring this season.

As a result, the Ravens are the favorite in this game. This is likely to be one of the most unpredictable matches for NFL Week 1.

As such, you want to take a conservative position when it comes to betting on this game. If you really wish to play it safe you won’t place bets on this game at all.

If you do, the winnings might be little but it’ll also come with lower risks in most cases. This is a game that might seem underwhelming at first, but we expect a massive turnout nonetheless.

4. Philadelphia Eagles vs Detroit Lions

One of the most entertaining games we can expect is the Philadelphia Eagles vs the Detroit Lions.

The Eagles won the Super Bowl a few years back and are likely the favorite in this game. However, much has been made of The Lions under the coaching of Dan Campbell.

One can expect The Eagles to dominate but The Lions are a formidable opponent. While the bets might be in the favor of The Eagles, one shouldn’t dismiss the possibility of The Lions winning.

5. New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons

There are many more great games to expect during NFL Week 1, but we can expect to see a major turnout for the game between the Saints and the Falcons.

Both teams have been underdogs for several seasons but are becoming more popular among fans.

As a result, it’s hard to say where you should place your bet in this case. There’s a bit of skepticism toward Arthur Smith as the new coach of the Falcons. Likewise, the offense of The Saints has received much criticism.

This will be an interesting game nonetheless and you can determine your future bets based on the results of this game.

Best Practices

Let’s wrap up by looking at a few best practices to consider when deciding to place your bets on NFL Week 1.

One is that you should, of course, only bet what you’re willing to lose. It’s also wise, in most cases, to study what the other popular bets are. If most people are betting on the Saints to defeat the Falcons then it might be best that you do the same.

You can also place different types of bets. For example, the simplest bet is to bet on the outcome of a game. You’ll place your bet on which team will win the game.

You can also place bets on the range of points. You might bet that one team will win by 1 touchdown or 2 touchdowns, etc. You can also place bets on how many touchdowns, punts, etc. a particular team will manage.

As a beginner, you want to stick to the simplest betting forms. Once you become more familiar with the game you can decide if you want to take on more complex bets.

These Are the NFL Week 1 Odds

Now you know our opinion on the NFL Week 1 odds and can decide for yourself how to place your bets.

While there are many games lined up for the first week you can take our recommendations for the ones that might get the most coverage. We expect a massive turnout for the Vikings vs the Packers.

Other games, such as the Saints vs the Falcons might be a sleeper hit with many betting opportunities. Follow our best practices to succeed at placing your bets.

You can find more tips on sports and betting on our blog.