Though women have all kinds of guilty pleasures that differ greatly based on their characters and where they’re from, there’s one universal that’s been shared time and time again: cosmetics. It shouldn’t come as surprise because after all, cosmetic products help improve looks, enhancing a woman’s most beautiful features while maintaining the appearance fresh and rejuvenated.

Besides this, there are additional benefits to it. For instance, applying makeup and skincare reminds you why it’s so important to take some time off during the busy day and focus on pampering at the dressing table, so I might as well say cosmetics are good to help us unwind and relax. Moreover, when a woman is taking care of her skin and looks, she feels empowered and investing in the ideal products is equivalent to an increase in confidence.

Having in mind the beauty industry is overwhelmed with brands and products, it might be difficult to choose what to introduce into your routine. As long as you stick to high quality you won’t make a mistake, and this translates to choosing outstanding natural ingredients in products from a brand with values like ethical correctness.

A good example would be the versatile Napoleon makeup products famous for the innovation they go through, their lack of harmful chemicals like parabens, and their incredible and trendy colour palettes which became the brand’s trademark.

Why Invest in Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics?

Founded more than 25 years ago, this Australian prestige brand quickly got its fame due to its focus on innovation, creativity, trend-setting and empowerment. Even today Napoleon Perdis remains as a leading brand not only within the country but worldwide too, with about 30 stores and more than 350 reliable stockists.

Ever since founder Napoleon Perdis ventured into the beauty industry with his wife Soula-Marie and his brother Emanuel, he’s always put customers at the forefront which has also had a huge role in their success over the decades. As a renowned makeup artist and educator, he focuses on the individual experience. So, instead of creating the “one size fits all” cosmetics, he creates cult Napoleon Perdis products that merge both skincare and makeup fit for beauty beginners and makeup experts alike.

Sharing knowledge and passion is caring, and that’s what he does with his Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy which has opened the doors to more than 25.000 makeup artists by now.

Despite the rough patch last year that brought the company to a state of an almost collapse, it’s risen like a phoenix with new owner KUBA investments and their strategy to strengthen the brand. Among these are making it sustainable by using recycled plastic for their professional-grade tools and packaging for their products, while maintaining Napoleon’s creativity.

Many of the sophisticated Napoleon makeup products, which also happen to be award-winning, are tried and tested at various beauty events, including the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, so upon using them in your beauty routine you can be sure you’d master any look and count on an increase in self-acceptance and self-confidence.

What Are the Napoleon Perdis Products to Splurge On?

The brand has many iconic items by now, but if you’re asking me about my favourites, here they are:

Mattifying Mineral Primer for Flawless Skin

Even if you aren’t a fan of primers, putting it in Napoleon’s words: “Not to prime is a crime”! This specific Napoleon makeup product is great for prepping the skin for additional cosmetics as it blurs your imperfections. And besides being ideal as a base, you can apply it after foundation too if you want to make your makeup last longer.

In case you want to treat specific issues, there are various other primers you can give a try. To prep dry skin without stripping the natural oils, you should get the Auto-Pilot Pre-Foundation primer which feels more like a moisturiser and provides nourishment with ingredients such as chamomile and yarrow extracts. It makes your face smooth and prepped for foundation. In case you’re dealing with oily skin and big pores, then the AutoPilot Pore Minimiser is your go-to choice as it reduces the pores, treats spots, and reduces the shine.

Those who want to cover up fine lines and wrinkles could use the AutoPilot Concealer Primer as it doesn’t only make your concealer long-lasting, but also turns your face smoother. Lastly, those who are after a little glow should reach out for help from the Auto Pilot Radiance-Boosting primer. Unlike foundation, this product is ideal even to apply on the forehead as it neither ages you nor drips.

The Ultimate Contour Palette to Show Off Your Features

I’m sure you’d agree that high cheekbones look amazing. If you want to have the Napoleon makeup products that work magic in this aspect then look no further than the contour palette that allows you to both highlight and contour, creating an optical illusion of lifted cheekbones. Besides, it’s created to also complement your skin tone so it works as a bronzer and blush too. For an outstanding outcome, make sure you choose one of the specialised brushes from the brush sets of the brand.

Mesmer-Eyes Mascara – Brown Affair for Long Lashes

With a paraben-free formula, based on bamboo, panthenol and vitamin E, this mascara conditions the lashes without clumping or smudging. As it’s ophthalmologically tested it’s even suitable for lens wearers, and best of all is it’s easy to apply and remove. Besides the incredible volume, it also provides a bounce and length for your lashes but if you’re more old school then you could count on their specialised eyelash curler with a slimline design that prevents pulling and pinching.

In case you don’t mind faux lashes to get a defined look, you can get a red carpet look in the blink of an eye with the brand’s reusable lashes and lash extensions. To be able to keep them in place be sure to apply a bit of the specialised glue on the back of the strips and first gently press them over the centre of your natural lashes then press the inner and outer corners.

Better Not Pout Matte Lipstick Collection for Lovely Lips

Don’t worry if you don’t know which shade works for you, this collection allows you to try on highly pigmented shades like nude, rose, crimson, tangerine and scarlet. Besides being comfortable to wear and creamy, they’re also long-lasting – just what you need for seductive lips that love to talk, eat and kiss. If you want to make them seem fuller, then consider applying a high gloss lipstick colour and finish up with a flesh coloured pencil. This is one of the tips Napoleon himself gives that are sure to work wonders for you!