Your daughter is getting married—but what about you? Finding a mother of the bride gown that looks elegant and classy, rather than matronly and frumpy, can be tough.

On your daughter’s big day, you want to look your best to celebrate with friends and family. However, something many mothers don’t look forward to is shopping for their dress.

Luckily, there are plenty of elegant mother of the bride gowns out there—you just have to know how to find them. Keep reading to find our essential shopping tips for mother of the bride gowns, sure to help you find the perfect dress for the occasion.

Elegant Mother of the Bride Gowns Are Timeless

When it comes to mother of the bride gowns, elegance is timeless. You want to find a beautiful, classic look, not something trendy that will look out of place in wedding photos when you look back in a few years.

One of the best ways to find elegant mother of the bride dresses is to consult a specialist wedding boutique or fashion company. They can make recommendations based on your preferences, body shape, and the theme of the wedding, helping to make the selection process easier.

Remember, a dress that is elegant is also one that fits beautifully. It’s always worth paying a little bit extra to have the dress professionally tailored, ensuring the fit is just right for the big day.

Think Comfort Ahead of Style

When shopping for your dress, it helps to think about comfort. On the day of the wedding, you’re likely to be on your feet moving most of the day and night—greeting guests, dancing, giving speeches, and mingling.

You want a dress that will let you move around with ease, without feeling bunched up, tight, or uncomfortable. Comfort extends to the fabric as well—if the wedding is outdoors or in a hot climate, a heavy dress is going to weigh you down, leaving you sweaty and overheated.

That’s hardly the look you want for the wedding, so consider a more breathable fabric, like cotton or linen, if the wedding is somewhere warm.

Think about shoes too—look for a pair that you can easily wear all day without getting sore feet. It might help to wear them around the house a few times in advance, helping to break them in.

If you have to choose between a comfortable dress or a stylish one, go with comfort—you won’t regret it.

Consider the Bridal Party Colors

Elegant mother of the bride evening gowns come in all colors, so how do you decide which color is right for you?

One of the best ways is to consult with the bridal party. What color dresses will they be wearing? You don’t necessarily need to match, but you may want to consider a color that pairs nicely with theirs.

Some brides also prefer not to have black dresses, along with ivory or white, so double check first.

There are plenty of gorgeous colors out there though, with mothers of the bride often going for navy blue, lavender, teal, or pale pink. We all know which shades and colors complement our skin best, so start with those colors when shopping for dresses.

Coordinate with the Bride

It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to consult with the bride! It’s her big day, and she may have some ideas or opinions about types or dresses.

There may be color schemes for the wedding too, so you’ll want to consider those when shopping. It’s worth talking to the mother of the groom as well, so you both don’t show up wearing the same dress!

Budget Matters

You may be surprised to learn that the average wedding in the US costs $33,900. If the bride’s family is paying for this, then the mother of the bride may be looking to save a few dollars where she can.

However, the good news is that mother of the bride dresses don’t need to cost a fortune! Unlike wedding dresses, which do tend to be expensive, there are mother of the bride gowns available for all budgets.

Try to create a budget for your outfit in advance, as this will make it easier when shopping to stick to dresses within your price range.

Go Subtle with Jewelry

Jewelry is an essential part of any outfit, especially on a big day like a wedding, but you don’t want to go overboard. The wedding is all about the bride and groom, so everyone else should let them shine.

Keep your large statement pieces at home and go for a subtle, elegant look that goes well with your outfit. A pair of beautiful earrings, a brooch, or a nice pearl necklace can be beautiful ways to accessorize on the big day.

It can be helpful to prepare your entire look in advance, including jewelry, makeup, and hairstyle. The few days leading up to the wedding can be incredibly busy, so you’ll make it easier for yourself on the day if everything is laid out and ready to go the night before.

Get Started Today and Find the Most Elegant Mother of the Bride Gown for the Wedding

Are you ready to get shopping? Finding the right look can be a lot of fun, so use the tips above to find the best elegant mother of the bride gowns to try on.

It can take some time to find a dress you love, so start well in advance of the wedding. Before you know it, you’ll have found the perfect dress for the wedding and you’ll be watching your daughter walk down the aisle with pride and happiness!

Get started today and make the most of your role as mother of the bride.

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