PRINCE2 Project

You might think that measuring the success of any project is the easy part. Surely it is a simple question of looking at what has gone right and what has gone wrong in the whole thing?

Yet, might it be the case that you are successful in some areas but not in others? Defining success on a PRINCE2 project may not be as easy to do as you initially think. This is why it makes sense to look at the following parts of it.  

The Milestones Have Been Met

The simplest way to discover how successful you have been is to look at the milestones. After all, when you first started work on it you will have set up a highly detailed PRINCE2 plan that showed what had to be delivered and by when.

However, not every project that meets its milestones can be considered a success. Therefore, we can’t rely solely on this factor as a way of deciding if a piece of work has been successful.

Bearing all of this in mind, a look at your milestones is just a starting point. If you failed to meet them the project is unlikely to have been a success, but even if you met them you need to go further in depth to see what went right and if anything when wrong.

The End Users Are Happy

What do the end users in the business area think about your work? Are they satisfied that it makes life easier for them, or do they think that the changes are unnecessary? They might even have preferred things as they were before your project.

Keeping the end users happy can be a tricky task. Going about the PRINCE2 methodology in the right way makes it easier, though. You should have consulted with them and kept them updated every step of the way.

If you have done this, then there is a far better chance that you have given them a solution that they are happy with. If not, then this is a learning point that you need to focus on in your future pieces of work.

Your Project Team Has Developed

Another important factor is around how well your project team has developed during the course of this project. Have they learned more skills and are they now ready to handle whatever other projects come their way?

Ideally, your team will carry on growing from one piece of work to another. Their own personal development is a sure sign that you are moving in the right direction overall.

If they carry on advancing then at some point they will be ready for PRINCE2 Foundation Bristol. When this happens, you get the benefit of more members of the team who fully understand the methodology and can help you to produce better results.

You Are More Confident

With each project that goes well, you will feel more confident in your own skills. This is perfectly natural in any job but is probably more evident in project management than it is in the majority of other roles.

The fact that each PRINCE2 project is carried out in the same way allows you to immediately gain a foothold on any new project. You will know every time that you carry out the exact same approach to finding information and forming a plan.

As your confidence grows, you will feel more comfortable about taking on bigger and more complicated projects. This is great news for your career, as you can look forward to handling a big range of projects anywhere and in any type of industry.