Did you know that the average lifespan for Americans is between 76 to 79?

As you age, you start to consider what it means to get older. When you grow older, you consider moving into a senior living facility.

However, senior living facilities come in all types and varieties. This means you want to choose the best kind of senior living for you or your family member.

If you need to learn how to choose the best senior living option, you can learn how in this article. Keep reading if you’re looking for a guide on choosing the best old home.

Level of Care

When choosing the best senior living option for yourself or a loved one, the level of care needed is a significant factor. For example, the assisted living is 2-3 times a day is required; it is necessary to assess whether or not the available facility offers that level of care. Moreover, it is essential to discuss with members of the staff the logistics of providing that level of care daily.


It’s important to consider how close the community is to any medical facilities, shopping centers, or places of worship the individual may need. Consider the access to public transportation if the individual is not comfortable driving a car or would prefer an alternative to getting around. Also, it’s beneficial to research the surrounding environment and cityscape since the community will be the individual’s home for a significant amount of time.


Research any facilities and investigate what each has to offer. List out the amenities and analyze their importance to the individual’s lifestyle. Does the community offer activities like golf, tennis, and hiking?

Are there shuttle services to nearby attractions? These amenities should be considered and compared to each other to ensure that the chosen facility can provide the best possible quality of life.


When choosing the best senior living option for yourself or a loved one, affordability is crucial. It is important to compare options based on monthly fees, available amenities, and cost of care.

When selecting a senior living community, ask detailed questions: What are the service fees, what type of optional services are offered, are there hidden costs, etc.?

Ensure that the costs associated with the long term care you need are covered. Determine your budget and consider the costs related to the different senior living options. Some communities may offer financial assistance or accept Medicaid or other government-funded programs.


Start by researching the types of senior living communities in your area. Gather information from unbiased sources such as newspapers, government websites, and customer reviews.

Next, ask family, friends, and other local professionals for recommendations. Ask each potential facility how it typically responds when issues arise, such as how quickly customer complaints are addressed or if the community has been the subject of recent lawsuits.

Start to Find the Best Senior Living Option Now

Choosing the right option for a senior loved one can be difficult, but breaking down the options, considering the individual’s current and future needs, and taking a tour of the prospective facilities are all essential steps.

Best of luck finding the best senior living option to keep your loved one safe and comfortable. Reach out to Sunrise Senior Living today to get started.

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