Technology has brought about a dramatic shift in both our personal and professional lives. In one way, technology has made life smoother and quicker, but it can also sometimes blur the lines between work and personal time. So, finding a work-life balance is incredibly crucial.

So, here are some of the ways in which technology-aided work-life balance.

Enhancing Productivity

Cloud technology offers great benefits. Now people working at your London office can conveniently access documentation, files and folders at other locations all around the world. Providers such as Google and Microsoft have allowed video conferencing, integration of email, instant messaging, document collaboration, and so much more.

With the use of these tools, your business is going to be able to work more collaboratively and therefore cut down on the amount of admin time you spend in a day. Less admin means more time to get work done, and less work you have to take home with you or carry on to the next day.

Technology Makes Health and Wellbeing More Manageable

Technology has made huge advances in the health and wellbeing field, which is not only making life easier for people in general but comes in handy when it comes to work and wellbeing.

For example, the introduction of 24/7 online GP appointments via video or phone by some private health insurers has made it incredibly easy for people to fir their doctor’s appointments around their working life.

Technology also allowed workplaces to create and share different health and wellbeing information as well as allowing users access to endless amounts of free online resources to help with things like stress managements home workouts and meditation.

Technology Encourages Flexibility

Technology has been used to integrate organisational versatility. People can now work remotely whenever needed, with the aid of technology. It’s difficult for certain people to be restricted to their office cubicles but working remotely helps them to handle their personal lives more efficiently.

Today, in order to hold a meeting, you do not have to be physically present in the workplace. Tools such as Google Hangouts and Zoom help us to connect with remote workers. Such resources help coordinate meetings and allow people to save time, and this saved time helps us maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Getting Superb Work-Life Balance Using Wellness Apps

Employees are the best resource for any company. This is why companies are promoting the use of fitness devices to support their health and wellbeing. There are many applications providing the means to get focused. Wellness devices are not limited to eating well or taking exercise. They have so much more to offer.

Wearable tech such as the Apple Watch and Fitbit that that can help you find a moment of calm during the office’s busy hours. For example, the Apple Watch’s Breath feature can detect when stress is increasing your heart rate a tell as you to take a moment to breathe and calm down. They can even help you track things like your menstrual cycle and calorie intake.

Technology can be used as a device to help you find a strong balance between work and life. Technology itself has a positive or negative side to it. However, if you use it to boost your productivity, so you get more time at home, it’s going to do wonders for you.