Did you know that nanotechnology is science and engineering that is conducted at the nanoscale of about 1 to 100 nanometers? Are you wondering how nanotechnology is affecting the world around us? We are going to share the future of nanotechnology in the article below.

What Is Nanotechnology?

Before we dive into the future of nanotechnology let’s chat about what nanotechnology is. Nanotechnology is the application of extremely small things. Nanotechnology can be used across different science fields like biology, engineering, chemistry, and physics. In lamer terms, it is working with things that are tiny.

Current nanotechnology products you are more familiar with include stain-resistant clothes, reinforced plastics for the body of bicycles, or if you play tennis it’s used in rackets that are reinforced with carbon nanotubes.

What Is the Future of Nanotechnology?

There are several areas including medicine and cleaning products that are evolving thanks to nanotechnology. It is improving the way patients receive treatments and the way that people are cleaning their homes, just to name a few.

Nanotechnology and Medicine

In the health industry, nanomedicine is making great advancements and will continue promising great things into the future with the treatment of cancer. Scientists are making nanomedicine better for patients and doctors will be able to provide nanomedicine for cancer patients where nanobots are able to go into the veins and either attack viruses or repair cells.

Nanotechnology and Cleaning

Nanotechnology is enhancing cleaning products for homes and in the future will become even more available to the public. Products like Purbloc are improving cleanliness in homes around the world.

Scientists are able to produce atoms and molecules on a macro scale to grab, filter and reduce allergens, viruses, pollen, and more from the air. Using nanotechnology to grab all of these things that are not good for us keeps germs from becoming resistant to cleaning supplies. It also helps inhibit bacteria growth rapidly and efficiently giving you peace of mind every time you clean.


Although nanobots do not exist yet futurists predict a few possible uses for nanobots in the future. Some of these predictions are that medical nanobots will be able to go through a persons’ bloodstream to make repairs and to help guard against infection. 

Another prediction is that nanorobots will be used for molecular manufacturing or nanofactories. The one negative possibility of nanobots is that they can spy or there is always the slim possibility of going through a nanobot takeover.

Feeling Like a Nanotechnology Pro?

Now that you know more about the future of nanotechnology you can know what to expect in the future. For now, you can continue to enjoy everything that has been improved thanks to nanotechnology like your makeup, clothing, and sunscreens.

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