The numbers don’t lie.

If you work in any sector of labor in the united states, you risk injury at some point in your career.

A back injury is one of the most debilitating, life-long injuries you can suffer.

How much should you settle for a back injury? What is the average workers’ comp settlement for back injury? Read on to find out here.

Back Injuries in the Workplace

Heavy or repetitive lifting in jobs like construction or manufacturing can result in back injuries.

Back injuries are most often musculoskeletal. Back injuries generally involve damage to the muscles or the structures in the spine, like discs or even the spinal cord.

As with any worker’s comp injury, with back injuries, a court will take the following factors into account:

  • The nature and severity of the injury. Not all worker’s comp injuries are created equal. On-the-job injuries range from respiratory injuries to muscle strains, to amputations.
  • Missed work. Did you lose income because you could not work?
  • Work restrictions. After an accident, you may not be able to do the same job as before. Any settlement will take into account wages lost to limited work capacity.
  • Permanent disability. In a worst-case scenario, second only to death, permanent disability might mean the inability to work at all.

Average Worker’s Comp Settlement for Back Injury

So, what is the average comp back injury settlement?

Around $24,000.

With an average settlement time of around 18 months, it might not be the cash cow you’d think it was.

Most worker’s compensation back injury claims deal with muscle strains or disc injuries, conditions that generally improve with rehabilitation.

While a muscle strain may be painful and debilitating, it is a far cry from a severe respiratory condition or head injury that can leave you with cognitive issues. Most doctors, and especially insurance companies, understand this.

As a result, the average worker’s compensation settlement tends to be on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to the dollar amount.

That said, back injuries involving the spinal cord can be severe. While not the majority of worker’s compensation back injury claims, a spinal cord injury can leave you permanently disabled.

A back injury’s severity can vary in scope, and can often linger under the radar for months before causing pain.

If you’ve suffered a back injury on the job, don’t wait to get it checked out. A worker’s compensation doctor specializes in workplace injuries and can diagnose your issues accurately.

Act Before It’s Too Late

If you’ve been injured on the job, don’t wait. The physical problems will only worsen. Your ability to file a worker’s comp claim will only shrink.

The average worker’s comp settlement for a back injury depends on many factors. The most crucial factor is you.

You must act. A soon as you’re injured, report it to your employer. Seek medical attention, then file a worker’s compensation claim immediately.

Finally, follow up and, above all, keep good records. You’ll want to be able to make a good case for your worker’s comp settlement.

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