Animals can bring joy to anyone’s life. Dogs may be America’s #1 pet, but they’re not the only source of furry joy. Animals such as horses, cats, dogs, and even pigs, can provide emotional support to people who may be sick, have anxiety during travel, or are going through substance abuse recovery.


Sometimes, the hardest part of addiction recovery is the isolation it can involve. This loneliness may happen because you have to change your environment, especially if you’re around other people who still dabble in different substances. You may need to go away for a while to an addiction recovery center far away from your home. Self-isolation can give you the space to go through such a change in life. While you may not be comfortable with people as you’re going through the initial stage of recovery, animals can provide non-judgmental companionship that can help you heal faster.

Better Health

Animals aren’t just fun to be around, but they also can improve your health. When stress and anxiety decline, it also lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. You’re less likely to fall into depression, which can lead to unhealthy practices like not eating or sleeping. Speaking of sleeping, your companion animal may want to sleep with you and make you feel more at ease at night. Simply being around your animal, especially when you’re having fun playing and petting, can naturally calm you down and make you feel happier.


Anyone who owns a dog understands how easy it is to get exercise with them. After all, you must take them for a walk, and they are willing to run alongside you anytime. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which are feel-good hormones. Your pet-related exercise can range from riding your horses to running around at the dog park. Practice yoga and calm down with meditation as your cat chills in the room with you.

Being Occupied

As you’re dealing with addiction recovery, it’s vital to find a positive way to occupy your mind and time. When you care for an animal, you always have something to do as they rely on you. You must feed your animals, give them water, and keep them clean. Simply spending time with your animal is another way to develop a positive routine. There are drug and alcohol treatment centers Oklahoma that provide the opportunity to care for horses, which are some of the most majestic and strong animals around.

As you can see, there are many reasons to have animals in your life, especially when dealing with addiction. Animals can help make your recovery period easier and more calming. They provide unconditional love and non-judgmental support. Don’t forget, these animals need you just as much as you need them. Therefore, do your best to stay healthy so you can be there for your furry friend just like they’re there for you.