Nearly half of Americans have taken a prescription drug in the last 30 days.

Miracle working medicines have become commonplace in our society. However, the cost of them can be hard-hitting for some people.

Rather than compromise your health by choosing not to buy your medicine, learn how to save on prescriptions. Check out these great tips.

Comparison Shop

There’s no shame in shopping around for your prescription drugs. You’d shop around for the best deal on a car, why wouldn’t you for the best deal on your health? More expensive doesn’t always mean a better product. The products that most pharmacies are selling come from the same place anyway.

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Buy Generic

Some generic brands offer the same drugs as name brand ones at a fraction of the cost. If you’re worried about using a subpar product, simply talk to your doctor and find out what they recommend.

Many generic drugs are the exact same drug in a different package. You get the same quality of care but spend a lot less of your hard-earned money.

Buy in Bulk

Another option to lower your bill is to buy more at once. If you’re buying online, you can save on shipping costs. Plus, the medicine itself often costs less per dose when you buy in bulk.

To take advantage of these savings, ask your doctor to write a 90-day prescription rather than a 30-day one.

Find a Coupon

Coupons can be another good way to save a bundle on prescription drugs. Often doctors have coupons that you can use to try your first month for free. You can also look for coupons online to help offset the cost each month.

Buy a Pill Splitter

Medicines that come in twice the dose aren’t always twice the price. For example, the price per pill for a 20mg dose might be 10 cents whereas the same medicine might cost 8 cents for a 10 mg dose. Buy the bigger pills, cut them in half, and pay only 5 cents per dose.

Talk to your doctor before trying this approach to ensure that it will work with your medication. Coated pills and time-release capsules don’t work with this method.

Also, taking half your dose to save money is not a good idea. Only split pills if you’re cutting them down to the dose your doctor prescribed. Only cut them as you’re ready to take them as well as exposure to oxygen can degrade the medicine.

How to Save on Prescriptions

Who knew that saving money without compromising your health could be so simple? Now that you know how to save on prescriptions, you can more easily afford the medicine that you need.

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