The corona virus is increasingly forcing social isolation. It is important to avoid contact with other people as much as possible – so it is best to stay at home and spend your time with NJ online gambling or other past time activities that keep you from boredom. But can you still play sports outside, for example go jogging in the park?

The experts’ answer to outdoor sports is clear: Yes, you should go outside and do sports! Especially in times of closed gyms, this is an excellent alternative to still keep moving. However, there are also a few points to consider in the fresh air in order to be virus-safe on the road.

Can I go jogging outdoors?

It is completely uncontroversial that sporting activity gets our circulation going and strengthens the immune system. Nothing is more important at the moment! If you look at the infection routes with the corona virus, the risk of infection when running outdoors is also relatively low: objects in public spaces do not have to be touched when running and since jogging is not a team sport, you do not necessarily come into contact with other people.

However, this point also leads to an important recommendation: choose a running route that is not very busy. For example, if you jog along the Isar in Munich in the sunshine on Saturday, you will come into contact with many other runners. “If someone coughs, you walk through the virus cloud,” explains internist Doctor Matthias Riedl at “”. Coughing occurs particularly often during physical exertion because the lungs are particularly stressed. In the forest or on remote roads, the risk of infection is much lower, simply because there are far fewer people around.

The immune system is challenged – and that’s the best way to support it. In the fall, our defenses need support to deal with viruses and bacteria. We’ll tell you how to stay alive and well.

What happens if there is a cure?

Despite drastic measures: As of March 18, 2020, there is no cureto Coronavirus CoVid-19. If this is ordered in the coming weeks, jogging in the park or on the street is also very likely no longer permitted. But even then it remains important to use all the opportunities for physical exercise outdoors. Then you could possibly walk the allowed way to the supermarket and use the purchases on the way back as dumbbells, so “do a light weight training with the shopping bags”.

What is the risk of infection while jogging outdoors?

In general, the risk of infection outdoors is far less than in closed rooms. The virus that spreads when an infected person coughs or sneezes cannot last long in the air and falls to the ground. Of course, an infection is not excluded here either – especially if you get into the “droplet cloud” of an infected athlete. For this very reason, it is advised not to train in groups and to avoid full running routes. If this is not possible locally, the training may be postponed to a period when the route is less frequented and it is advisable to keep a minimum distance of 15 meters from other joggers.