Do you want to give your room a makeover? One of the easiest and most impressive ways to update a space is to install new hardwood floors.

But once you choose your species, you must also decide on the color. If you’re really concerned with visual aesthetics or you need a specific color to match other parts of your home, we’re here to help.

Here are the most popular hardwood floor color and where they work best.

Assess Your Existing Aesthetic Decor

Think about what the existing floor colors, textures, and styles are. To achieve a warmer feel, opt for lighter tones, such as hickory, maple, or oak. To make a bolder statement, go for darker shades, such as mahogany or walnut.

Areas with natural light, including your living room or kitchen, make a great choice for these darker colors. Consider mixing several tones for effect, or choose a chevron, herringbone, or parquet pattern for added visual appeal.

Understand the Types of Wood Available

It is important to consider the type of wood and understand the different types available. Hardwoods come in many varieties and colors, so take the time to browse different options and decide which type works best with your home’s aesthetic and style. Most hardwood flooring options are classified as either light or dark, stained or unstained.

Light, unstained woods typically have natural undertones and work well with any décor. Dark, stained woods offer a rich look and can create a beautiful contrast with light-colored furniture. 

Identify the Right Undertones for Your Home

This could be anything from rich hues to light shades, and each of these has its own unique undertones that will affect the overall look of the room.

Darker hues tend to have warmer undertones, while lighter shades offer cooler tones. When selecting, consider the existing colors and design elements of the room.

Get Inspired by Popular Hardwood Color Combinations

Natural shades of brown, gray, and beige can blend together to create a unique style that complements any decor. Dark hardwood floors can be contrasted to create a cozy atmosphere, while light colors can be used to add an air of sophistication.

Consider pairing warm tones together, or go with a classic combination of light and dark. Visit your local cheep hardwood showroom today to explore all of your options and choose the perfect floor for you.

Consider Other Designer-Trick Color Solutions

Consider other designer trick color solutions such as experimenting with various staining techniques, incorporating a light-toned, neutral-colored wash, or combining multiple shades of a single hue. With proper preparation of the wood surface beforehand, anyone can incorporate dark and light stains, or opt for a smooth, clean look.

You can decide to go for contemporary shades or look at historically traditional colors. For a more subtle approach, opt for an unfinished hardwood floor with an extra layer of color that can be tested out before committing. 

Find Inspiration for the Right Hardwood Floor Color Match

Selecting the perfect hardwood floor color for your home comes down to understanding your own personal aesthetic. Taking into account the home’s overall style, the room’s surroundings and the flooring’s maintenance needs will help you decide on a shade that brings the whole look together. Contact a flooring professional to get advice on your hardwood flooring journey today!

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