If you own a watch, you may occasionally have to get it serviced. Otherwise, it may stop working and break down on you.

Although watches are not as complex as other machinery types, they require attention. Mechanical watches need to be maintained to function well.

In this article, we will go into watch repair problems and how you can fix a watch them. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Water Resistance Failure

Water resistance is a joint water repair issue watch owners can experience. It occurs when water or moisture can enter the watch. When this happens, it could result in corrosion of the internal mechanisms and circuitry, leading to malfunctions.

Therefore, when watches become water resistant, owners should take immediate steps to restore that resistance. Take the watch apart to remove any particles that may obstruct the seal and casing, and use a soft brush to carefully clean any dirt from the seal to remove any dust. Then check the integrity of the seal and, if necessary, replace it.

2. Battery Problems

Oftentimes, the watch will simply need a new battery to function correctly. This type of repair is relatively easy, as it only requires skill in removing the battery, purchasing a replacement, and reinstalling it. You would best suit a watch repair person to remove and reinstall the storm as it requires knowledge of the watch case and movement.

Furthermore, professional maintenance is likely required if a battery has leaked inside the watch, as other components and timekeeping functions may be affected. You can determine the type of battery your watch needs by referencing the watch battery type information here.

3. Crown Problems

As the exterior control center of a watch, the crown is generally used to set the time, date, and other settings. If the crown doesn’t turn or won’t reset, it could be a sign of a problem with the stem, the crown tube, or the mainspring. The issue usually requires some disassembly, lubrication, and minor part replacement.

To inspect the crown’s stem, you need to remove the movement from the case and carefully separate it from the stem. If it looks worn or bent, you may need to replace it. Replacing the crown tube requires some extra attention because if it isn’t done correctly, it can cause more watch repair problems, making it harder to fix a watch. 

4. Movement Malfunctions

Movement malfunctions can be caused by dirt, corrosion, or simply the natural wear and tear of the watch. First, cleaning the watch and its components is essential to fix movement malfunctions. You can achieve it by taking apart the watch and brushing or soaking the parts in water.

After cleaning, it is essential to reassemble the watch and check for any remaining malfunctioning components. If any are found, it may be necessary to replace them with new pieces to ensure the optimal functioning of the watch.

Identifying the Most Common Watch Repair Problems

Don’t be discouraged if you’re having trouble with a watch repair. Just take a breath, assess the problem, and start troubleshooting. With the proper knowledge and resources, securing and maintaining a functioning watch should feel like a breeze. Have a big job that needs a pro? Contact us today to learn more about our watch repair services.

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