The winter season is just around the corner; in fact, we can already feel the magical first breeze wafting through the trees on these chilly nights. Many of us have grown to associate cold weather with gratitude, family, friends, new connection, and love in general because that’s just the vibe of winter. The season is also accompanied by many opportunities to dress up and style your favorite outfits at family gatherings, outings with friends, or cozy date nights.

The best thing about winter fashion is that everyone gets a chance to stay comfortable and layer up their clothes. Winter clothing is a great excuse to bundle up and look cute, from toasty scarves to oversized sweaters. However, the key to looking chic in the cold season, without freezing, is to choose the best fabric for your outfits. Unfortunately, those light fall jackets have to go, and it’s time to stay warm yet look cool. So, here are some fabrics that you need in your winter closet this year:

  1. Leather

Leather is a unique and stylish textile, and the best thing about it is that it never gets old. Leather clothes need proper maintenance, and with good care, they can stay durable and last for years. It’s a gorgeous material that’s perfect for almost all year. Still, people usually wear leather coats and jackets in winter because it is excellent at insulation and reduce loss of body heat. Leather jackets are easy to clean, which is another reason why they can last long. To make it less repetitive, you can reinvent your leather jackets by adding customized patches. These customized patches enhance the look of leather jackets and make them more attractive. To order your personalized design, visit and browse through several of their options or customize yours independently.

  1. Cotton

Cotton is a must-have textile fabric for you to keep in your wardrobe, specially during winter and fall. It is excellent at holding up elements of winter, particularly during the day. For those allergic to, or don’t prefer, wool – cotton is a brilliant alternative. It can last pretty long and is durable for a few years if used right, but most importantly, it’s comfortable. We would advise you to layer up your cotton tees with long coats and jackets during harsh weather conditions like rain or snowstorms – it looks fantastic and is much safer. Cotton twills are a unique textile you can use in jackets, sweatshirts, and khaki/chino pants.

  1. Tweed

Tweed is an admirable material, specially for suits and blazers, during the winter. It is a warm fabric, and the natural fiber makes it thick and stiff. The roughness of the material warrants insulation during the winter and also makes you look professorial. British upper-class people wear tweed coats and trousers, and the jackets of these fabrics have a deep connection with huge designers like Chanel. This fabric has been in style for a very long, and even today, many celebrities have their personal tweed favorites. So, rest assured that tweed will never fail you, and add this fabric to your winter closet now.

  1. Fleece

Fleece is a mandatory and winter staple that has been prevalent in the fashion industry for a long, long time. This cozy fabric is entirely artificial, which seems like a coat on a lamb which means it can keep you warm and make you look stylish. It may look stiff and heavy, but in reality, it is lightweight and breathable, which is why it is a part of many excellent garments. Fleece is manufactured through recycled material like plastic bottles, making it a durable and eco-friendly choice for your winter wardrobe. Also, this fabric is much more comfortable and inexpensive than many other winter textile materials and can be a fantastic option during winter plus fall.

  1. Faux Fur

Fur has been a part of the fashion industry for over a millennium, and we can all (ruefully) accept that it is such a fantastic fabric and all outfits with fur look so good! People in the old era used fur to keep warm and protect themselves from snowy, cold seasons. But now that we have central heating, it is less of a necessity and more of a fashion statement. So, instead of making an animal lose its coat, we can work with faux fur, which is still a great fabric, looks the same as the real one, and is warm plus durable. It makes you look bold and gives a flair to your overall outfit, specially faux fur long coats; they are great for chilly nights!

  1. Cashmere

Cashmere may be an expensive fabric to have in your wardrobe, but they are worth the money and a fashionable choice. The material is soft, and luxurious which makes it perfect for garments like sweaters and scarves. Since it comes from wool, it is also a great winter fabric and keeps the wearer warm and comfortable. Cashmere, however, is not very durable and needs good maintenance, but the delicate-looking fabric has ultra-fine fibers, which makes it worth the effort.

  1. Silk

It might be shocking to see silk among this winter-fabric list, but trust us, it is an excellent insulator and thus an excellent material for winter clothes. It is a highly breathable fabric you must have seen in evening wear for dresses, robes, suits, and lingerie. The soft and captivating material is one of the strongest natural textiles of the world and has been a reason behind the beginning of the trade phenomena at an early age. Most people don’t like wearing silk in summer because it sticks to the skin and doesn’t go well with humid body temperature; meanwhile, it’s a great base layer in winters because of its insulating properties.

Fall is coming to an end, and some of these fabrics might already be in your wardrobe; you need to see which ones you can reuse during winter. But now you know what staple winter textile you need to have this season so you can make fashion statements and make heads turn while staying warm and comfortable in your skin. The best quality materials like leather, cashmere, cotton, and silk fulfill their purpose and look good.