Managerial duties are one of the hardest tasks in business. They are perhaps so critical because the wrong move could kill a business. An excellent manager should be able to perform efficiently – better than the rest of the staff.

Thanks to human evolution and progress, every day we learn ideals that can push our businesses to greater heights. Modern day managers now have certain things simplified that make business administration easier. With this latest progress, however, come more challenges that require the modern day manager to be better than his predecessors. Here are some of the qualities a modern day business manager should have…

Understanding Technology

The modern manager should be able to understand IT generally. This does not mean you should be an expert rather you should know a significant little about technology relevant to his niche. You should know which new technology is needed to grow the company. Managers with a good understanding of technology will be able to stay ahead of competition always.

Effective Communication

Lack of communication within a business has the ability to trigger subtle internal damages. Every manager should possess good verbal and non-verbal communication skills. You can also make use of social media and instant messaging apps to keep in close contact with your employees. Once you can bridge the communication gap, you can easily implement trendy strategies and stay ahead of competition.

Lead By Example

A manager should not expect instant change and improvement from employees if he is not doing the same. As a manager, you have to set a lead by example always. If you set a new rule, you should be the first to implement it. If you want increased productivity, you put in more work. When your employees see you leading by example, they will be driven to follow suit gladly.

Strategic Thinking and Planning

It is the duty of the manager to plan for the future of the enterprise. You should be able to create a big picture in your mind, work towards it, and make the company better than you met it. Plans made should be followed with action to ensure growth and development.

Also as a strategic thinker, you should be able to come up with better and newer ways of making the business more productive and efficient. Make plans for possible hard knocks, such as getting employee liability insurance to protect both your business and your employees.


This is the ability to gain knowledge of something without the use of a rational process. You should possess this quality in order to understand your employees. Intuition also helps to understand business partners and negotiate better deals. A manager with good intuition will also be able to identify a great business idea and pursue it before others.


To be an effective leader, and to be able to withstand the competition, a manager needs to be knowledgeable. That means a manager should either be an avid reader or learner. You should look for sources that provide you with valuable information and update yourself daily. Knowledge is power.


As they say, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. As a modern business manager, you should possess extra qualities to ensure the survival of the company. You should also surround learn to work with employees that show excellent leadership qualities.