Cats have been enriching the lives of their human companions for 1000s of years. They get a bad reputation for being supposedly antisocial and independent; however, cat lovers everywhere will argue their little buddle of fluff exudes personality and charm show a lot more affection than you might think. So, what should you know about sharing your world with a feline?

Provide a secure space

Some cats are timid or highly strung and so you must provide a safe hiding space for your cat to retreat to. They will generally find one (or more), but it is important that family members of other pets do not bother them in this ‘safe space’ to help eliminate any stress associated with confrontations. 

You could also combine safe spaces with a stimulation activity center. There are lots of cat climbing frames and tree towers that will enable your cat to exercise and will also provide mental stimulation to help avoid boredom, especially if your cat stays predominantly indoors. 


All pets need the right diet and everyone who owns a pet knows the importance of food for their long term health, head to the Diamond pet site for the best pet food your Dog/Cat deserve and find out about the delicious high-quality food for optimum pet health. You can feed your cat a combination of dry and wet food – cats often benefit from small meals that they ‘hunt’ for so using toys as a way to spread out their meals is a good idea.  

Reward your cat 

Although cats do not work for treats in the same way that dogs do, they undoubtedly love them. Buying catnip is a fine way to get your cat going crazy with joy. This humble herb affects the sensory nerves and cats love to rub against it, roll in it and sniff it. They may become relaxed or rush around so it is well worth investing in catnip toys or try growing your own; it is easy to grow and your cat will love you forever. 


Although cats have a reputation for being aloof, they do enjoy lots of contact and stroking your cat and allowing them on your lap is great for stress; it can make you both feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Cats also enjoy playing, so using a feather, ball or any object they can chase so it is stimulating and will bring out the kitten even in older cats. 


Cats are quite clean creatures and will seek out places to do their business outside if possible. If you have a kitten or your cat stays indoors then you will need to provide a littler tray. There are various types available, some are open and others provide an enclosed space. When training kittens it is useful to have several trays in more than one room so they get used to seeing it. Place your kitten in the litter as much as possible; instinctively they will paw at it and scratch. Once they start doing their business reward them with a treat so they associate good things with the tray. Always make sure you change the litter regularly so it is fresh and does not smell. 

Owning a cat can bring so many benefits and you have the satisfaction you are giving a gorgeous creature a great life.