Are you a millennial? If so, you’re far from the only generation living during these modern times.

Each generation has dealt with some challenges more than others. While there have always been challenges specific to each generation, the new generation has some unique challenges.

Here, we’ll cover some of the things that the new generation of youth has to deal with right now.

1. Technology & Social Media’s Role

Such omnipresence has led to virtual connections overtaking physical ones. This is where communication and opinion-sharing are now dominated by fragmentary messages within the boundaries of their phone, tablet, or laptop.

This has given rise to new forms of cyberbullying and the instant judgment of others that those younger than 25 have to endure each day. Social media also provides a means for obsessive comparison and unhealthy fixation on how other people live their lives. This creates unrealistic expectations.

2. Political Divides Affecting the Youth of Today

Youth in various countries around the world are being swept up in the debates and rhetoric of divisive candidates and parties who so often put differences before solutions. These political divides can lead to divisions between classmates, peers, and even family members.

The modern youth of today is being forced to adapt to this. They have the unique burden of being the generation most affected by the consequences of these increasing political divides and finding a way to make it work despite them.

3. Mental Health Struggles

It has become increasingly clear that the new generation of youth is facing mental health struggles that are unique to modern times. This can include increasing rates of depression and anxiety, the rising pressures of social media, the threat of cyberbullying, the need to fit in, and the overwhelming stress of facing a highly competitive education system.

Virtually, the entire world has become accessible at the push of a button, causing these young minds to be overloaded with an array of pressures and expectations with very little downtime for self-reflection. It is recommended to seek support from Youthline New Zealand. They offer a free Helpline service, face-to-face counseling services, youth mentoring, and programs in schools. 

4. The High Cost of Education

With tuition on the rise and living expenses increasing, affording college is getting harder and harder. For many young people, college tuition is financially unattainable. This leaves them with only high-interest loan options. 

The job market has become highly competitive, making it increasingly challenging to secure a career that pays enough to afford loans or further education. Many teens are forced to take on a second job to pay for their studies, and some are working extra hours while studying part-time just to make ends meet.

5. Impact of the Gig Economy

One of the major impacts it has experienced is the rise of the gig economy. This working class operates on a platform of short-term contracts and freelance work, with no legal/governmental job security.

Young people find themselves struggling to access benefits. The gig economy has led to a rise in competition for fewer jobs, creating an even further strain for young adults trying to make ends meet.

Learn More About the New Generation Today

In modern times, the new generation of youth has to face the rise of social media, increasing education costs, and job market instability.

Let’s take action and empower these young people to make a difference.

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