A cover letter is the first encounter an employer will have with your application papers. It must, therefore, be impressive by standing out among all other applications made. Are you looking for online writing jobs? Here are tips that will make your application outstanding and enable you to secure the job. 

1. Failure To Capture The Keywords 

Each advertiser or employer is looking for a unique type of employee or skills. Only applicants with these qualifications or skills will stand a chance. You should, therefore, write a letter that captures the attention of the recruiter by including the keywords. 

The keywords should address such elements as courses you trained, level of experience, positions held in the past, and proof of delivering to a particular standard. You get details of the keywords from the advert. Consider the advert as a question that you will be answering in your cover letter. 

2. Being Generic 

Students are taught to write the application and cover letters in the same class. It is therefore understandable to find almost all letters or applications taking the same format. The problem is that your application will get lost in the pile of letters received. Make your cover letter unique to your personality and the target position. 

There are formats and samples available online or from other platforms where job seekers would visit. Customize these templates so that your request appears unique. A generalized application will deny you the opportunity for the job. 

3. Failure To Provide Required Details 

Each employer demands a particular set of details. These details must appear in your cover letter. Failure to provide the details means that your chances reduce. A strong application must be based on the demands made by the employer in the advert. Review the job advert and answer all questions or address all issues that the employer has raised. Additional information should only be provided if it is beneficial to your application. A lengthy application letter will also work against you during shortlisting. 

4. But… 

There are positions that you desire to take up but lack some qualifications. You might have the required education but are short of experience. In other cases, you have a related qualification but not the exact one demanded by the employer. Such are the situations where you indicate that “I do not have a degree BUT I am passionate…’. It is a risky approach to application because it significantly reduces your chances. Other than highlighting your inadequacies, it is better to pronounce your positive attributes. 

5. Spelling and Grammar Errors

An employer wants a worker who is attentive to details. Such attention will be seen in your cover letter before you can get the chance to prove it at work. Edit your cover letter thoroughly and if possible, allow a third party to review it. Submit a thoroughly edited letter to increase your chances of securing the job. 

A good cover letter pleads your case in front of the panel and secures you a chance for an interview. The employer will believe in your ability by looking at your cover letter first. If a cover letter is compelling, you’ll have higher chances of securing the job.